Knowing that medical assistance is available to your employees or senior executives while traveling overseas can bring tremendous peace-of-mind, freeing them to enjoy the experience of travel. How to obtain meaningful medical travel security for your employees and senior executives overseas? There are several factors to consider. First, work only with a well-established organization that has the infrastructure to provide timely help when it is needed. This is analogous to an “insurance policy” that doesn’t pay when something goes wrong. It is actually worse than doing nothing, as it brings a false sense of security. The FoneTrac® mobile phone application is backed by a live person 24/7, who will provide medical advice appropriate for the situation. This the gold standard, and you should accept nothing less.

Medical Travel Security: Real-Time vs. Alerts for Employees Abroad

Medical Travel SecurityNext there is the issue of communication regarding medical travel security issues. Communication, as the name implies, should be a two-way process, sending and receiving. The Fonetrac application allows both. The “sending” part is where the most obvious need is. Should an employee fall and break a bone, he or shee would want to be able to dial for help instantly. And of course this is doable, 24/7. The “receiving” part is important too–don’t overlook the value here. Medical travel security also involves knowledge of events in real-time. Say for example a disease breaks out in the country where your key employees and senior executives are. Fonetrac can alert you (and them), and let you evaluate your potential exposure to the disease. Obviously not what a traveler wants to hear of course, but this is clearly a situation where ignorance is not bliss!

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