Family-oriented vacations are a tradition during the summer months.  Employers who want to encourage a family friendly company culture, may allow an executive’s family to join them on a global business trip. Experiencing the adventure of world travel together can be exciting and educational for children, of course, and is perceived as a benefit by their executive parent. Other countries have many attractions to educate and entertain them while the VIP parent is conducting business. Some attractions may even look recognizable to US travelers, e.g. Disneyland and other experiences in foreign countries.

Theme parks continue to expand beyond the U.S. borders as they grow in popularity. Families on corporate travel can visit Disneyland in Paris or Hong Kong and recently, Shanghai,

Travel Security

China. These overseas theme parks may appear familiar, but each is very different from their U.S. counterparts. Among foreign crowds, children are more vulnerable to a potential “travel emergency.” No parent can control what a child is doing 24/7. That is why employers should provide a business travel security app for an executive’s family to take with them. Indeed, these days the standards of responsibility dictate that employers should take the lead for their employees’ security, even when that employee is “off duty.”

Business Travel Security Extends to the Family when an Emergency Occurs

Even when an employer has helped to prepare the family prior to a trip, a small child can still become the cause of an emergency. For extra preparedness during summer vacation, the employer can offer the FoneTrac travel safety app to help support a VIP’s family. FoneTrac combined with GlobalSecur can help bring transportation and care to a family and their children wherever they are. It can also help navigate the city for quick results. Whether the parents need to contact an embassy or immediately get assistance in finding a lost child, GlobalSecur has 24/7 experts for worried parents to speak to.

When a travel emergency occurs, FoneTrac’s safety app will help to guide employees and their families and help to resolve their security needs. If an employee’s family becomes lost among other visitors at a popular tourist spot, FoneTrac can also help the VIP find them in the crowd. The FoneTrac travel safety apps work on Android and iPhone devices.

Keeping employees and their loved ones safe while overseas can be a priority for companies. If your executives are travelling out of the U.S. with their families this summer, feel free to contact us for any security concerns.