The 2018 flu season has proven to be quite busy in the United States. Americans called in sick to work and even schools were closed to help stop the spread of a virus. Travel Safety App for MedicalAlthough many people received a flu shot, some still fell ill. It seems no matter how well we tried to stay healthy, several of us succumbed to a sickness that left us in bed for several days. That can be explained. According to the CDC, flu viruses are constantly changing. The composition of U.S. flu vaccines is reviewed annually and updated as needed to match circulating flu viruses. So even if a person did their due diligence and had a flu shot, they might have still gotten it. Luckily, the flu season could finally be leveling off.

For people staying in the country, this can be good news. If someone plans to fly overseas, they need to be cautious. An executive globetrotting on business should take every precaution before flying out. This includes staying updated on all shots and carry hand sanitizer wherever they travel. Even if an employee has taken steps to protect themselves from the flu, it can still touch them. Think of all the other world travelers who harbor different types of flu strains. They’re sitting in the same plane with your executive! That’s why carrying FoneTrac’s travel safety app for medical can be the support a VIP needs if they fall ill.

Land, Sea or Air, FoneTrac’s Travel Safety App for Medical is Ready to Respond

A VIP conducting business in several countries can hop from one plane to the next. Other passengers might unknowingly have the flu.. An executive touching the same seats or breathing the same air as an infected person can contract that virus. Let’s say an executive has gotten through customs without being touched by a flu bug. A transmission can still occur anywhere; in the cab, in a hotel lobby or even at a corporate conference. If a VIP wakes up in their hotel room with a high fever, FoneTrac’s travel safety app for medical is there to speed up recovery. Trusted medical support can be found by reaching out on the app.

There are epidemics and there are pandemics. A pandemic is a global disease outbreak. Your VIP may have avoided a current epidemic but it’s important to know FoneTrac tracks pandemics 24/7 as well. Daily updates regarding the health of a specific area will be pushed directly to an executive’s phone. If the itinerary notes a three day stop in Saudi Arabia, but FoneTrac reports a pandemic in the Middle East an alert will instantly go out. A VIP can be notified early enough to book the first flight to Italy and continue on. Keeping a traveling executive safe and healthy is an important part of HR’s job. FoneTrac’s travel safety app for medical can provide the healing touch employees need.