Medical Travel Security | Fonetrac

Medical Travel Security | Fonetrac

Millions of Americans travel outside of the U.S. every day. However, traveling abroad, with its many upsides, has one downside that up until now has been very difficult to overcome – “what happens if you become sick?” With deadly viruses and diseases resurfacing after years of being dormant, the threat of getting sick is even greater. IMG has worked tirelessly to develop an app that works on Android and iPhone smartphone devices, that addresses medical travel security needs efficiently and effectively, and provides peace of mind for anyone traveling abroad.

Innovative Travel Security

FoneTrac is an innovative medical travel security app for individual travelers as well as employees or study abroad students. Many business professionals who frequently travel abroad use the travel app (and its related services) to stay safe across the world.

Features and Benefits

  • Compatible with both iPhone and Android
  • Fully featured travel security app
  • Access to real time medical travel security information
  • US-based team standing by to help 24/7
  • Resources worldwide to evacuate you in medical emergencies

Example Uses of FoneTrac Medical Travel Security App

  • Employees, students, or individual tourists can become ill at any time, however medical resources are limited in many countries, making it difficult to seek medical attention. With the FoneTrac medical travel security app, users can immediately speak to a live US-based person 24/7, who will provide medical advice appropriate for the situation. For example, if the user has come into contact with Ebola, the FoneTrac representative can orchestrate the proper evacuation/isolation procedures on the spot and facilitate immediate medical attention.
  • If the user has been injured, such as breaking an arm or a leg, the FoneTrac representative can have them airlifted out by helicopter and taken to the nearest location where they can receive the emergency medical attention they need.
  • If a disease breaks out in the country the user is located, FoneTrac alerts the user, and aides in evacuating them from the potential exposure to the disease.

Travelers of all types reap the rewards a new medical travel security app that is more comprehensive than the free apps that only email relatives or offer up outdated information. FoneTrac’s medical travel security app is like having a friend close-by when help is needed the most.