Business Travel Security App: FoneTrac

Business Travel Security App: FoneTrac

Travel today has become less safe than it was than ten years ago, while security is becoming more important even in countries that seem to be “safe.” In addition, the smartphone revolution now makes it possible for both Android and iPhone users to stay in contact worldwide.

Companies are manufacturing products more and more overseas, increasing the amount of business travel, however business travel is becoming less and less secure/safe in many other countries, due to terrorism, violence, robbery/theft and kidnapping. Medical safety in business travel abroad is also becoming more of an issue with new outbreaks of diseases and viruses the world hasn’t seen for decades. Business travel security from a medical standpoint alone needs to be better maintained to prevent the spreading of such diseases to the thousands of people the business travelers come into contact with after they have been infected. Epidemics, even pandemics originate as a result of the amont of business travel that occurs.

FoneTrac’s Innovative Business Travel Security App To The Rescue

FoneTrac is an innovative business travel security app for individual business travelers sent abroad to oversee business operations. Many businessmen and businesswomen who frequently travel abroad use the busiiness travel app (and related services) to stay safe across the world.

Features and Benefits

  • Compatible with both iPhone and Android
  • Fully featured business travel security app
  • Access to realtime business travel security information
  • Access to realtime medical security information
  • Real people “standing by” to help 24/7

Reason Why FoneTrac Is The Best Business Travel Security App on the Market

  • First and foremost, any business with employees overseas needs to track and be in touch with them, and the employees need to be able to access security resources. Open and transparent to the employee, FoneTrac gives them access to up-to-date information as well as the ability to access state-of-the art medical security and business travel security services. Real people are there at the press of a button to help.
  • Second, business travelers of all kinds welcome a new business travel security app that is capable of more than what is available in the “free” business travel security apps that are only capable of emailing relatives or that pull down outdated information that is essentially useless in instances of sudden medical outbreak of Ebola, for example, in which businessmen and businesswomen need to be evacuated to safety where they cannot become infected.
  • Third, FoneTrac’s business travel security app provides peace of mind for the business owner and personnel, and ultimately creates the opportunity for businesses to further grow their overseas business if they have more employees willing to participate business travel abroad, feeling more secure about their mission.