FoneTrac® Worldwide Support

Depending on your needs, FoneTrac® can be interfaced with our US-based, multi-lingual, 24/7 Emergency Response Center to enable cutting-edge security protection and support. A host of other services stand ready to offer safe travel and personal security by providing you or your travelers with advice or a security response.

FoneTrac is user driven – we don’t monitor your location continuously. We are only aware of your exact location when you press the “Check-In” button. However, if you press the “Panic Alert” your exact location is monitored continuously so we can help you in an emergency (until you shut down the FoneTrac app or phone).

FoneTrac Travel Security App, Android Travel Security App

FoneTrac® – Simple To Use

FoneTrac® offers many great features, such as Check-In and Panic buttons, and works on any iPhone or Android device. No additional equipment is necessary. Simply obtain a subscription, enroll in GlobalSecur, download the app, login and you’re ready to go!

Enterprise licenses are available for large and small organizations that are interested in enhancing the safety and security of their team members while traveling.

Make safe travel simple by using FoneTrac® travel security assistance.

FoneTrac App for Android or iPhone - Employee / Business Travel Security App