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Depending on your needs, FoneTrac® can be interfaced with our US-based, multi-lingual, 24/7 Emergency Response Center to enable cutting-edge security protection and support.  A host of other services stand ready to offer safe travel and personal security by providing you or your travelers with advice or a security response.

Check-In and Panic Alert

FoneTrac is user driven – it will never monitor your location continuously.  The application will only know your exact location when you press the “Check-In” button.  However, if you press the “Panic Alert”, your exact location is monitored continuously so we can help you in an emergency.

FoneTrac Travel Security

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FoneTrac offers many great features, such as Check-In and Panic buttons, and works on any iPhone or Android device. No additional equipment is necessary. Simply subscribe, download the app, and you’re ready to go on your trip with the assurance that should risks arise, you will be covered!

Enterprise licenses are available for large and small organizations, school study abroad programs, and any organization that is interested in enhancing the safety and security of their team members, employees, or students while traveling.

The Simplest-to-Use Travel Security App on the Market

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Why Choose FoneTrac for Your Next Trip?

When we decided to plan a road trip in Iceland, we were worried about how sparsely populated many areas of the island are. We were concerned that if something were to go wrong, it would be very difficult to find help. After purchasing FoneTrac for our trip, we were able to travel with the reassurance that if anything were to go wrong, we would have top notch assistance at our fingertips. Thank you FoneTrac for the peace of mind during our Icelandic vacation!

Laura H.Laura, CO, USA

While I’m happy to live in this present period of time, there are a lot of uncertainties today that prevent many people from venturing far from home. As a young single person who recently traveled to North Africa, I refuse to let apprehension of the current state of our world stop me from seeing it. There are plenty of apps that make communicating with loved ones easy. Regardless of the promise of communication, my parents were concerned about my safety during my most recent trip. I had given them a general outline of my itinerary but what I really needed was to be able to communicate to them where I was located in real time. Because of this, my dad insisted that I get FoneTrac. Having FoneTrac made it possible for me to push a button to notify GlobalSecur and my loved ones with my precise location. I was surprised at how much comfort it brought me in addition to my parents. Travel insurance, carrying copies of documents, sharing itineraries are all great strategies to keep you safe but don’t cover the full scope of travel emergency prevention and aid. Having a way to communicate my precise global location gave me peace of mind and could have made a huge difference in my safety and well-being.

Amanda K.Amanda K., CO, USA

My husband and I decided to purchase FoneTrac to prepare for an upcoming European Cruise. We are so glad we did. The app allowed us to check in with our kids as often as we wanted, and provided us with peace of mind knowing that we could always hit the “panic” button. If you’re on the fence about FoneTrac, I suggest you take the plunge!

Security check-ins on the US/Mexico border.Beverly O., MI, USA

As the summer season approaches, many college students are looking forward to spending a part of their holiday studying or volunteering abroad. Two of my children studied in Europe and Central America during their college years, another volunteered for several months in Africa, so I understand the worries that parents face as these young people head off on adventures, leaving their homes and families behind.  Although it wasn’t available when my older children were overseas, I plan to purchase FoneTrac when he leaves for similar travels. The peace of mind that FonetTrac affords is unmatched by any other security app, and the price is reasonable. I will be able to keep up with him in a way I never could with the others. I will know that I can get in touch with him easily, and that he has many safety features available to him that his older siblings did not.  FoneTrac will give him greater security on his travels, and will allow me to worry less. I would encourage any parent with travelling students to look in to this app and purchase it for your young travelers!

Carolyn H.Carolyn, FL

We have been an IMG GlobalSecur client for a number of years and started using FoneTrac two years ago. We now have 100% buy-in and use of this service by our international travelers. A useful tool to improve travel safety.

Manager, Security / Aerospace Manufacturing Company

Our family just wanted to say thank you to you and your company for the peace of mind that you provided while our daughter traveled abroad. She arrived safely home today. While she was in Paris there was a minor incident. Your company’s notification flashed and told her to stay away from that part of town which she quickly did. I want to thank you again for working with us as we were so nervous about letting her go alone. You were very kind and patient with us back in May. We have recommended your company to all our friends! Thank you once again!!

Cheryl, NJ, USA

FoneTrac is great! I enjoy traveling the world knowing that FoneTrac is keeping me safe! A must for international travel!


FoneTrac was a wonderful companion for my parents and I when we went to Taiwan! It was reassuring to know that we had the 24/7 support of security experts back in the USA.


FoneTrac has given me a sense of confidence when my wife and I travel. Fortunately it has been insurance unused. However, our daughter knows we’re safe as I sign in every morning which, since we are 75, provide her with assurance of our safety.


I discovered FoneTrac two years ago researching personal security technology applications for my college daughter embarking on a solo international trip. I’ve used it consistently since whenever any combination of us travels abroad, even if we’re all going together. In that case, I set the alerts to relatives stateside. Why FoneTrac? Ease of use, High-value pricing, excellent customer service, and on-the-ground support in the event of a crisis. Plenty of other software options; no other application with FoneTrac’s people and real-world resources.


It’s reassuring to know that someone is looking after my safety and I can get help if I need it.

This is excellent! I can’t wait to get this deployed company wide.