FoneTrac Advantages

Affordable Pricing

Experienced Support Professionals

Our FoneTrac smartphone app is affordably priced so that anyone from a business executive to a student studying abroad can benefit from this travel security app. Pricing begins at just $129 per year.

When you contact us in an emergency, you’re contacting experienced professionals with a two-decade international security consulting track record, which includes a wide range of proactive and response services for over 400 clients in the private sector, government, defense, aerospace and high-technology industries. There are few overseas security challenges with which we are unfamiliar. Your alerts are monitored by IMG and our 24/7 Global Operations Center.

Easy to Use

Once you’ve signed up for a yearly plan, simply download the app to your iPhone, Android, or Windows phone and sign in. No additional equipment is necessary. Our patented* smartphone app can be used anywhere there is a cell signal or Wi-Fi hotspot. We use advanced technology to provide robust Panic notifications even in areas of low service availability.

Check-In and Panic Alerts

Knowing where a traveler is located is the first step to assisting a traveler in distress. FoneTrac is a patented* smartphone app that allows users to Check-In on a regular schedule, and to send Panic Alerts when urgent assistance is needed. FoneTrac’s geo-location service pinpoints the location of the traveler to within 5-10 meters and sends the alerts to our 24/7 Command Center and to selected individuals via text message and email.

Hands-On Assistance

We provide “hands-on” management of our clients’ travel security, since many are unable to deploy their own resources on a continuous basis. Based on monitored travel and threat data, we keep our clients and travelers aware of actual or emerging situations, initiate communications, make recommendations and provide the necessary additional support.

Threat Monitoring and Updates

Destination threat monitoring, employee notifications and global threat watch to enable rapid notifications to travelers and warn them of possible danger, or to contact them in the aftermath of an unexpected event (natural disaster, terrorist attack, etc.)