Travel Safety App: FoneTrac

Travel Safety App: FoneTrac

Business travel has become an increasing part of an employee’s job description. Students on exchange travel, too. Employee travel safety, however, has become more and more of a concern in the foreign countries they are sent to work in. Violence, kidnapping, terrorism, and even medical emergencies all contribute to the need for a well-thought-out employee travel safety plan.

The FoneTrac Travel Safety app is unique for two reasons:

  • Real-time access to a 24 hour manned facility of security experts; real people to assist the traveler, including on-the-ground security support; and
  • Real-time access to a 24 hour manned facility of medical security professionals; real medical specialists to assist the traveler on medical issues, including on-the-ground medical assistance, medical evacuations and isolations, as well as medical safety alerts if an outbreak happens where the traveler is located.

The FoneTrac app is user friendly and serves as an invaluable resource to employees should they come upon some trouble, or should their safety be compromised. The travel safety app works fluidly with both the Android and iPhone platforms, and allows users to stay in contact worldwide.

Innovative Employee Travel Security

FoneTrac is an innovative employee travel safety app for individual travelers as well as employees, businesspeople, or study abroad students. Many businessmen and businesswomen who frequently travel abroad use the travel safety app (and related services) to stay safe across the world.

Features and Benefits

  • Compatible with both iPhone and Android
  • Fully featured travel safety app
  • Access to realtime travel safety information
  • Access to realtime medical safety information
  • Real people “standing by” to help 24/7

Example Uses of FoneTrac Travel Security App

  • First and foremost, any company with employees overseas needs to track and be in touch with them, and the employees need to be able to access travel safety resources. Open and transparent to the employee, FoneTrac gives them access to up-to-date information as well as the ability to access state-of-the art medical security and travel safety services. Real people are there at the press of a button to help.
  • Second, study abroad students face many of the same challenges, and universities use FoneTrac to stay in touch with students and reassure parents and families of security issues. Third, business travelers of all kind welcome a new travel safety app that is more than just the free apps that only email relatives or pull down outdated information.