In the 1966 film, “A Man for All Seasons,” the tale is told of Sir Thomas More (Paul Scofield) who refuses to bow to pressure the Pope to annul the marriage of King Henry VIII (Robert Shaw) and his Spanish-born wife. It’s a great film – winning six academy awards. In combination with other currents in the culture, the idea of a “man for all seasons” entered the lexicon. Continue reading

International travelers, both business and pleasure, often wonder what are the best international travel apps? Many might be thinking, for example, that they might bring a travel app that would help them find interesting museums, restaurants, and local things to do. Continue reading

Proud parents sending children off to college in the fall may be packing for a trip further than the states. Popular study abroad programs see an influx of new students flying over in summer to get settled before college begins. Continue reading

You’ve probably heard the old saying that things can come in three. If an executive is travelling overseas on business, problems can happen to remind them of this. Not necessarily great things either, just roadblock scenarios that normally affect a business trip abroad. Continue reading

Employees can have a false sense of security while living and working abroad. Normally because companies do a great job of helping them through the transition. Continue reading

New York, NY – May 25, 2017. With the convergence of ever-more-powerful mobile phones and increasing international travel. IMG GlobalSecur is proud to announce the ‘R4’ update to its popular FoneTrac® travel safety app. The app works with the GlobalSecur backend to provide both ‘push’ and ‘pull’ safety updates for anyone involved in international travel. Continue reading

We are pleased to announce several upgrades to our patented FoneTrac® Travel Safety App. Continue reading

The balance between risk and reward can become a tightrope for many international businesses. The risk of opening up a new manufacturing plant in a country with lax law enforcement can result in either big rewards or big trouble. Continue reading

Today’s marketing machine puts a lot of work into making people think they are getting something just as special on the inside as it looks on the outside. “Image” or “branding” are the buzzwords words used to sell a shiny new item. Continue reading

It’s no secret that when attention becomes obsessive, it can lead to addiction. This isn’t always a bad thing. Sure, the gambler who spends every weekend in Vegas playing to win could lose their life savings. Continue reading