Who Should Purchase FoneTrac?

FoneTrac is for anyone who travels, domestically or internationally. It’s a great way to keep in touch with friends and family, while also knowing you have world-class technology in your pocket, in case of emergency.

Is FoneTrac Easy to Use?

FoneTrac is specifically designed for ease of use. Our philosophy is that you shouldn’t have to worry, at all. FoneTrac gives you peace of mind, where ever you go.

How Will You Know Where I Am?

FoneTrac’s patented technology doesn’t actively track you as you move around. This means that you’ll need to check in or send a panic alert in order for your location to be known. Please keep this in mind when contacting a security professional for help.

Does FoneTrac Use a Lot of Data?

No, FoneTrac uses minimal data and only operates in the “background” when you engage the Panic Alert

How Do I Cancel My Subscription?

If you’d like to cancel your subscription, please send an email to FTSupport@imgsecurity.com and request your cancellation.

Having Trouble Signing into the FoneTrac App?

Once you’ve downloaded the app, you can access the hyper-linked email address on the Sign In page of the app to contact FoneTrac for assistance. To activate this link, simply press down on it and the phone’s email client will be activated.

What is the Check-In Feature?

FoneTrac is equipped with “Check-In” and “Panic” buttons. We work with users to construct response procedures, such as the action to be taken in the event of no check-in (auto text reminder, call the traveler/client, check with the hotel and, if necessary, deploy in-country resources.). The system has also proved invaluable to account for personnel subsequent to a major incident. Using the Check-In button is a simple way to encourage travelers to alert specified parties of their whereabouts for their security.

What is the Panic Alert Feature?

Pressing the “Panic Button” will send a text message to any number of recipients and to a 24/7, US-based, multilingual Emergency Response Center (ERC) operated by one of our business partners. The latter specializes in worldwide evacuation and can assist us with immediate access to worldwide resources.

How Does the Panic Alert Feature Work?

When the Panic Alert is activated by a user, the FoneTrac app will continue to Check-In every minute as long as the app is open. If the app is closed, the Check-Ins will stop but will resume again if the app is opened. To terminate these Check-Ins, the user must Sign Out of FoneTrac. The purpose of this feature is to provide better location assistance if a Panic Alert is activated while the user is moving.

Does FoneTrac Work Well in Poor Reception Areas?

The panic alert works well even in minimal cellphone/Wi-Fi coverage areas. In practice, messaging works even though voice calls and email may fail.

Does FoneTrac Provide Services for Individual Travelers or For Companies?

FoneTrac can be enabled at company level and also by individual users. The service does not monitor smartphones continually for a number of valid reasons (privacy concerns, battery use, etc.,) and does not require any devices in addition to the smartphone.

How Can I Learn More?

Over a two-decade period of international security consulting, there are few security-related travel challenges with which we are unfamiliar.

Persons interested in FoneTrac should reach out for a demonstration by going to https://www.FoneTrac-Go.com or calling +1 (352) 409-7073.