FoneTrac Travel Security AppFoneTrac® is a unique primary / secondary location-positioning service, developed at client request over a 5-year period, that is part of IMG’s GlobalSecur® Global Monitoring Service. FoneTrac® is usually fully integrated with itinerary monitoring, but is also available as a stand-alone service.

FoneTrac® is equipped with “Check-In” and “Panic” buttons. Our clients are using the former in various ways such as Journey Management (check-in on arrival, at the hotel, at the meeting site, etc.). We work with users to construct response protocols, such as the action to be taken in the event of no check-in (auto text reminder, call the traveler / client, check with the hotel and, if necessary, deploy in-country resources.). The system has also proved invaluable to account for personnel subsequent to a major incident.

Pressing the “Panic Button” will send a text message to any number of recipients and to a 24/7, US-based, multilingual Emergency Response Center (ERC) operated by one of our business partners. The latter specializes in travel emergencies, worldwide evacuation and can assist with immediate access to worldwide resources.

The panic alert works well even in minimal cellphone / Wi-Fi coverage areas. In practice, messaging works even though voice calls and email may fail. (As well as FoneTrac® monitoring for our multinational clients, we are currently assisting NGO’s/film crews in remote areas of South Sudan, Mali, Burkina Faso, etc.)

FoneTrac® can be enabled at company level and also by individual users. The service does not monitor smartphones continually for a number of valid reasons (privacy concerns, battery use, etc.,) and does not require any devices in addition to the smartphone – in practice, carrying a separate device has been rejected by our clients, since this may be mislaid, etc.)

IMG will always act as our clients’ primary contact (except when alarms relate to travel emergencies) and we will manage all issues/emergencies through to their resolution. Over a two-decade period of international security consulting, there are few security-related travel challenges with which we are unfamiliar.

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