Customers or prospective customers often ask for a quick summary of some of FoneTrac’s unique features as a leading travel security / travel safety app. Here are some quick questions and answers about FoneTrac. Q: WHAT IS FONETRAC? FoneTrac is a unique primary/secondary location-positioning service, developed at client request over a 5-year period, that is […]

Many of us travel abroad frequently. These days, for example, corporate travel is a very global endeavor. A senior executive might be called to Europe on a moments notice. Even if she is an experienced traveler, she may still need to use a list. In fact, many seasoned travelers are so organized that they use lists to prepare for their overseas travel. Continue reading

Following the news the last few months has proved a sobering fact that our security consultants have long argued: security developments occur with such rapidity that the old “newsletter” style of security updates is no longer sufficient in the world we now live in. Crises do not simmer slowly and then reach a boil over […]