Following the news the last few months has proved a sobering fact that our security consultants have long argued: security developments occur with such rapidity that the old “newsletter” style of security updates is no longer sufficient in the world we now live in. Crises do not simmer slowly and then reach a boil over time. Instead they tend to erupt on short notice, and sometimes with great ferocity. Business travel security is more important than ever, and getting access to breaking news alerts is vital. Our FoneTrac software is a solution custom-tailored to this new security landscape.

Business Travel Security Focus Can Change Overnight

The attacks in Paris of late 2015 demonstrate how suddenly and dramatically the threat profile can change. There was no apparent build-up of tension or raising of a threat level. But afterwards anyone traveling in the area had to account for delays due to extra security, closures of public facilities, and other constrictions by the French authorities. Another case where timely business travel security alerts would be important is in regard to border controls in southern & eastern European countries. Despite the Schengen Agreement on open borders in the EU, the migrant crisis has resulted in almost daily shifts in borders controls, along with the building of new border fences, and shifting concentrations of blocked migrants. This is frequently combined with police actions and sometimes violence.
Having alerts from FoneTrac could help one re-route travel to less-affected border crossings.

The Cell / Mobile Phone: Don’t Leave Home Without It

If you are of a certain age, you no doubt remember the slogan of American Express: “don’t leave home without it.” Now, that commercial wasn’t really speaking to the issue of travel security, certainly not travel security for executives and other corporate business travelers. It was talking about the ability to do something as simple as make a charge on a credit card. Looking back, nostalgically, it was a much simpler time when the most important thing you needed to bring with you when traveling internationally was your credit card.

Today, people hardly leave their house without their iPhone on their hip, or next to the ear as they are talking, or texting. We realized that this is a perfect opportunity to unite the ubiquitousness of cell phones today with an industry-leading app for travel security, especially for business employees who are traveling abroad in countries as diverse as Germany, Russia, Argentina, and Mexico. Wherever a business person travels, you can be sure that she will have her cell phone!Business Travel App

If you are the person at your company who is responsible for planning business security, it is really worth considering this wonderful synergy between the ubiquitous cell phone or mobile phone and the kind of app that FoneTrac represents: the ability to keep track of your employees abroad, and their ability to touch base with you as well as other emergency response parties in our system.

It is a match made in heaven.

To learn more about how business travel security alerts can help your organization, reach out to us and have one of our friendly staff explain more about the benefits.

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