Human beings are competitive by nature. We seem to enjoy having something to strive for and fight for. Nothing seems to reflect this more than looking at what “teams” people pledge their loyalty to. Broncos vs. Cowboys. Red Sox vs. Yankees. Continue reading

Proud parents sending children off to college in the fall may be packing for a trip further than the states. Popular study abroad programs see an influx of new students flying over in summer to get settled before college begins. Continue reading

It’s no secret that when attention becomes obsessive, it can lead to addiction. This isn’t always a bad thing. Sure, the gambler who spends every weekend in Vegas playing to win could lose their life savings. Continue reading

New York, NY – February 28, 2017. FoneTrac®, a leading travel safety app at, is proud to announce two key posts to its blog on iOS travel safety app issues. A subsidiary of IMG GlobalSecur, FoneTrac addresses the growing corporate and organizational demand for travel security apps for both the iOS and Android platforms. Continue reading

Puzzle rooms have gained momentum in the past few years. It’s become a popular activity to solve a mystery in a short amount of time. Basically one person, or a group of people, spend time in a locked room searching for the key to get out. Clues are hidden in the room to lead them along the way to solving the problem. Continue reading

There was a time in the not-so-recent past when the company-issued phone of choice was the Blackberry. In corporate meetings and busy executive airports, you could see VIP’s on the go furiously typing away on their Blackberry phones. Continue reading