Proud parents sending children off to college in the fall may be packing for a trip further than the states. Popular study abroad programs see an influx of new students flying over in summer to get settled before college begins. travel safety app for study abroad programsThere are many differences between overseas college programs and those in the states. Just preparing what to bring can be challenging. U.S. students may be shuttled over by parents with a car trunk full of new dorm room bedding and special goodies. Flying out of the country could mean students only get one suitcase and a carry-on. Traveling light can be one of the first tasks of a study abroad student.

There are other variances overseas-bound students may have to prepare for as well. Student safety is a big concern for parents and administrators. Off-campus crime at Stanford is not necessarily similar to off-campus crime in Germany. Overseas college campuses are on high-alert due to recent terrorist acts such as bombings and mass-shootings. Students ready to explore a new country will need more than an overnight bag to prepare for possible dangers beyond college walls. They need real-time information alerting them to security threats. FoneTrac’s travel safety app for students is the perfect carry-on.

Tip for College Administrators; Packing Smart for Study Abroad Programs Includes FoneTrac’s Travel Safety app for Students

Overseas college administrators have a lot to prepare for when it comes to their study abroad programs. Local students may already know how to navigate the exciting youth-culture, but ex-pat students suffer from a “learning curve.” As a university administrator you know that you can’t follow new students around to ensure they will make the right safety choices. So how do you ease the nerves of empty-nesters while their kids are in your care? Tell them to send their students off with FoneTrac’s travel safety app for students. Real time alerts to danger in the city and an easy access panic button for support can make the difference.

Ex-pat students may need some time to get their bearings in a different country. The excitement of learning abroad mixed with the confusion of deciphering cultural norms could mean a student loses their way while out and about. That means they are vulnerable to walking smack into danger. Recent terrorist attacks in London have put local universities including Oxford and Cambridge on alert. Luckily, technology has evolved where a student can carry a travel safety app wherever they go. And with support for both iPhone (iOS), and Google’s Android, we’re OS agnostic! FoneTrac’s travel safety app for students will alert them to nearby threats. The app will also share safety zones to move towards in case a student has to take cover. If they need assistance out of the area, GlobalSecur can help find secure transportation. The best thing is FoneTrac travels lightly. If you’re a college administrator looking to add more protection to study abroad programs, our experts are happy to do a thorough security assessment of your university or college study abroad program. This includes how to use FoneTrac for students abroad.

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