Human beings are competitive by nature. We seem to enjoy having something to strive for and fight for. Nothing seems to reflect this more than looking at what “teams” people pledge their loyalty to. Broncos vs. Cowboys. Red Sox vs. Yankees.

Best Travel Safety Apps for iPhone and Android

Starbucks vs. Dunkin. Whatever gets us going and inspires us, it seems humans have a proclivity for “picking a side.” It can be all in good fun, like Coke vs. Pepsi. It can get heated as in Democrats vs. Republicans. It can make us believe we are able to achieve greatness as in Nike vs. Asics. Whatever side we choose to be on, it’s usually about proving we are the best.

If you are an HR manager, you probably manage a very competitive team of executives who travel on business. They may each have their own preferences when flying in the states such as American Airlines vs. Southwest Airlines. Maybe when traveling abroad it becomes Lufthansa vs. Virgin. In order to be the best, they might associate themselves with what they believe is the best. That can translate to the personal tech a VIP uses too. If your executives have chosen sides between Android vs. iPhone, FoneTrac can get them both back on the same team. The travel safety app for Android also supports iPhone! Everyone wins!


Our FoneTrac team is pretty competitive too. We want to be the best executive travel security app for your business. A key component to being number one is flexibility. If we chose to support only one type of smartphone, we would not be able to achieve our personal best. That’s why there is no Android vs. iPhone on our team. If your VIP is stranded at an airport in India during a monsoon, they can use FoneTrac on either to get a weather report and seek emergency shelter.

Executives can have a preference about what helps them to achieve their best while traveling on business. It’s not always easy for an HR manager to accommodate specific requests, such as the type of smartphone they want to use. When it comes to an overseas security app for employees, your HR department won’t have to pick a side. FoneTrac’s travel safety app for Android will always also support iPhone. There’s no harm in a little friendly competition, but when it affects employee overseas security it can be a problem. With FoneTrac’s travel safety app for Android and iPhone, your VIP’s can stay on the same executive security team!

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