It’s no secret that when attention becomes obsessive, it can lead to addiction. This isn’t always a bad thing. Sure, the gambler who spends every weekend in Vegas playing to win could lose their life savings. travel safety app for iphoneOn the other hand, the marathon participant who keeps going for that “runners high” can improve their health. If you haven’t noticed, using the internet has moved into the realm of addiction for many people. The results can also be an “either/or” situation. An employee fixated on the latest viral video is wasting a lot of valuable work time. An employee preoccupied with new business trends makes valuable time work for them.

For a traveling executive, a healthy addiction to their iPhone could lead to better personal security. Feeding the need to check important information can segway into checking their own security travel risks. If a VIP needs to reach out for help, they can simply touch FoneTrac’s Panic Alert button and the call for help is received. HR also benefits from easy location checks and up-to-the-minute safety analysis. If your VIP has a special relationship with their phone, it makes sense to offer the best employee travel safety app for iPhone and make it a positive outcome.

Access to the FoneTrac Travel Safety App for iPhone Curbs Info Cravings

Being addicted to the smart phone can mean a person actually experiences “cravings.” Many people think they hear the phone ringing or buzzing in their pocket when it’s completely silent. This strong desire to connect with the phone is a bit similar to a food addiction. Even if they’ve had the five-course meal, it’s hard to feel “full” for long. The downward spiral doesn’t have to happen. An addiction to anything can be turned around if sent in the right direction. Flipping an obsession into a healthy relationship is possible with FoneTrac travel safety app for iPhone. Several daily security reports can help the VIP get enough screen time during travelling intervals.

Also, if HR needs their executive to make frequent check-ins while travelling, this FoneTrac has an easy feature that can accompany a busy executive’s itinerary. More importantly, the alert element will keep the VIP immediately aware of any security risk nearby. If there happens to be an emerging terrorist threat while doing business in Munich, the alert will let the executive know the location. If they are too close to danger, the Panic Alert button will offer quick routes and guidance to a safer spot. All that time on the phone checking security and staying touch with HR help travelling employees stay safe. When Fonetrac’s travel safety app for iPhone buzzes, it’s always healthy to respond to the call.

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