There was a time in the not-so-recent past when the company-issued phone of choice was the Blackberry. In corporate meetings and busy executive airports, you could see VIP’s on the go furiously typing away on their Blackberry phones.

Travel Safety App for iPhone

Some seemed so addicted to the experience, it was given the nickname “Crack-berry.” Today, however, the smart phone has become the corporate phone of choice. It not only serves as a contact device for company headquarters, it also provides excellent security support wherever a VIP is in the world. Another great feature? Our FoneTrac employee travel safety app for iPhone is made to work seamlessly with today’s top smartphones.

If an employee is experiencing any kind of security threat, they no longer have to type out for help with shaky fingers. FoneTrac’s Panic Alert button is located right on the touch screen and ready for a quick tap. Not only that, but a map will instantly identify the location of the VIP under threat. This touch of a button helps VIP’s get their message out faster than in the past. FoneTrac’s employee travel safety app for iPhone also has a check-in button. If the executive has run into traffic, or anything that can make them late to the hotel, they can easily press the check-in button to assure the main office that they are safe. That’s a major change from the slow movement of past employee security applications.

The “Ease of Use” Evolution Paves the Way for an Employee Travel Safety App for iPhone

1997 may not seem so long ago to some people, but it’s already been twenty years! Back then, the hot new mobile device was the Palm Pilot. It was called a PDA, or Personal Digital Assistant. Employees could send emails, set appointments and share contact lists. Yet if a travelling executive needed an employee travel safety app, it wasn’t as instant and supportive as it is today. Sure, an employee under threat could send out an email, but how long would they sit in peril waiting for a response? With the arrival of the Blackberry, employees could finally use the internet and all the visual features it offered. They could view maps and could easily find the location of a business conference. The screens were still a bit small, but the ease of access greatly improved VIP overseas security.

There were still a few bugs and the “ease of use” evolution was next. The smartphone became a widespread business device in the late 2000’s. Finally, executives had a reliable touchscreen that allowed apps to receive and reply to alerts within seconds. Today, the FoneTrac employee travel safety app for iPhone keeps up with busy executives and their security needs anywhere in the world. It’s also iPhone and Android compatible.

Of course, you may have an “Old School’ VIP who has never gotten comfortable with tapping on a touch screen. They prefer the tactile experience of typing on a keyboard. The good news is, FoneTrac’s employee travel safety app for iPhone works on Blackberry platforms too. For loyalists to the Blackberry brand, there is currently a smartphone with the simple QWERTY keyboard attached. Whether it’s the tap on a touchscreen or press of a key, FoneTrac’s employee travel safety app is ready to respond immediately!

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