Puzzle rooms have gained momentum in the past few years. It’s become a popular activity to solve a mystery in a short amount of time. Basically one person, or a group of people, spend time in a locked room searching for the key to get out. Clues are hidden in the room to lead them along the way to solving the problem. supply chain securityFor anyone who enjoys sleuthing, this can be a great pastime. For a travelling executive, however, solving a complicated puzzle to get back to safety is a nightmare. Guess what? Before the iPhone, travel safety used to be about as complicated as a puzzle room!

Remember, we’ve only had smartphones for about ten years. Before then there wasn’t a one-stop go-to travel safety app because there wasn’t an iPhone. Travelling executives had to rely on various types of resources which were not completely reliable. For instance, they may have had a laptop, but the location determined how easy it was to get a connection. How about that trusty Executive Assistant ready to email or fax information in a jiffy? If the VIP was in Germany and the EA was in New York, the time difference alone could pose problems. And that helpful printed itinerary in the briefcase? It could only do so much too. Alas, overseas employee security had its own complicated puzzles when a VIP fell into trouble.

FoneTrac’s Travel Safety App for iPhone Takes the Mystery out of the Travel Safety Puzzle

Today, executives rely on their smartphones to solve problems with the press of an app. Some HR Directors are still in awe of how simple it is to help their executives with the travel safety app for iPhone.
When an overseas employee runs into trouble and requires quick support, it’s no longer complicated. Instead of trying to call their EA at 2am (New York Time), they push the FoneTrac Panic Button for immediate guidance. Hours spent just contacting an expert for assistance is over. No more time is wasted searching for clues to find the best way out of a tricky situation.

We are appreciative of the travel safety app for iPhone too. The ease-of-use between iPhone and FoneTrac has made security response time swift and precise. Instead of losing precious moments trying to locate a VIP in peril, FoneTrac provides a direct line to our expert security support team. That means time is better spent helping an overseas employee back to safety. HR won’t remain clueless either. Our FoneTrac system will report back with an immediate communication about their executive’s current status. This translates to less worry for HR and more time getting back to business. Fonetrac’s innovative travel safety app for iPhone has simplified VIP travel security. It’s almost as simple as leaving the solution key smack in the middle of the puzzle room floor.

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