People are talking about how different things were before smartphones arrived. If you are an HR manager and can remember that far back (only ten years ago), you may be reminded of how business travel worked. Continue reading

In the executive world, many people like to use a “fancier” name for a common noun. For instance, instead of saying “I like movies,” someone might say “I enjoy films.” Or an invitation to a party with hard alcohol might be reframed as a “gala with cocktails.” Continue reading

When skies are clear, the weather is a topic of casual conversation at the office. People joke about “playing hooky” from work and driving to the beach for some fun and sunny skies. Maybe a few employees try to get off work early to enjoy the lovely weather before they fly out on a business trip. Continue reading

Every business has a philosophy that guides them to the path of success. Sometimes, this philosophy can turn into a devotional belief going overboard and ending up excluding the larger community. For instance, company leaders could decide to create an employee travel security device that specifically supports an Apple platform. Continue reading

New York, NY – November 29, 2016. With travel security concerns of ever-growing importance, IMG GlobalSecur is proud to announce that its FoneTrac® app has been awarded US patent # 9,491,580 for innovation in travel security and travel safety, specifically balancing privacy and monitoring issues via electronic means. The inventors are Chris Hagon and Tim Bradley of the company. Continue reading

Push versus pull, teeter versus totter. Those are some diametrically opposed ways to think about the universe. Of course, there is black versus white, another diametrically opposed pair of opposites. Continue reading

Knowing that medical assistance is available to your employees or senior executives while traveling overseas can bring tremendous peace-of-mind, freeing them to enjoy the experience of travel. How to obtain meaningful medical travel security for your employees and senior executives overseas? There are several factors to consider. First, work only with a well-established organization that […]

New York, NY – December 17, 2015. IMG GlobalSecur (, a leading international security consulting firm, has announced the launch of a specific informational page on FoneTrac as a travel security app. FoneTrac allows employers and employees as well as other types of travelers (e.g., study abroad students and universities) to communicate traveler whereabouts, facilitate checkins, push out security updates, and access on-the-ground support services in an emergency.  Continue reading