In the executive world, many people like to use a “fancier” name for a common noun. For instance, instead of saying “I like movies,” someone might say “I enjoy films.” Or an invitation to a party with hard alcohol might be reframed as a “gala with cocktails.” Travel Safety App for iOSFor many successful businesses, it’s not the thing itself, but what you call it that adds a bit of cache. When a VIP is ready to travel overseas, they could tell HR to contact them on their mobile phone instead of their cell. Sure, it’s the same thing, but with a fancier name. One thing that is not the same is what each executive travel safety app delivers.

If an executive really wants to get impressive, they might talk about the “gooey” for their executive travel safety app for iOS. Gooey doesn’t sound very fancy, but it is extremely helpful to a travelling VIP. It stands for Graphic User Interface, or GUI. It is basically the graphic design on an iOS phone. Some GUI may be pretty, but difficult to navigate. Maybe clicking a button doesn’t give the user the information they need. If a VIP has a cab broken down in the wrong part of town in Brazil they may want to get immediate on-line security support on their mobile phone. When they can’t “see” the right button because the GUI is lacking, that can translate to trouble.

The Best Executive Travel Safety App for iOS Combines Both Good Looks with Substance

A pretty font isn’t the key ingredient to getting a job done. HR managers can be bombarded by vendors trying to sell the “best looking” travel security app. The fancy design or hip colors could sway a choice if the buyer doesn’t look a bit deeper. The last thing HR wants is to send their executive overseas with a stylish travel safety app that can’t do the job. It’s important to look beyond the surface and ensure the app actually does what it’s supposed to. That means a robust and secure app that can help your travelling VIP when they need it. A quality travel safety app for iOS provides simple navigation and quality back-end features.

FoneTrac’s Panic Button is a great example of clear, user-friendly GUI technology with quality back-end support. The panic button is easy to locate right on the iOS mobile and does what it implies. If a business executive runs into trouble, a press of the panic button gets them in contact with a real person who can help. That’s 24/7 employee safety support around the globe. Other non-emergency employee support features include translation services, real time location data and local news reports. Quality, substance and style are the ingredients for a top travel safety app for iOS. So if you’re an HR manager with a VIP traveling overseas, try the FoneTrac employee safety app. No matter what you call it, the FoneTrac travel safety app for iOS can deliver quality support with style to match!

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