When skies are clear, the weather is a topic of casual conversation at the office. People joke about “playing hooky” from work and driving to the beach for some fun and sunny skies. Maybe a few employees try to get off work early to enjoy the lovely weather before they fly out on a business trip. Travel Safety AppBecause the weather is good, overseas business travel can be simple too. Maybe a little less turbulence or stopovers make it easier to prepare for business meetings abroad. Travelling VIP’s can settle in and enjoy a bit of rest or review a corporate presentation during a smooth, comfortable flight.

When an employee is ready to fly out overseas, their co-workers may say “travel safely!” That’s the extent of their support. How can an employee really travel safely when so much is out of their control? Awareness of what lies ahead can be a big help. A smart travel safety app can alert the VIP of possible storms or security threats when everything looks good out the window.

When the Skies are Clear Above, a Travel Safety App can Spot Turbulence on the Ground

When a VIP is travelling overseas on business, the weather is not the only safety concern they may have. Landing right into political unrest in a country like Saudi Arabia can become an employee security threat. Things might have been fine during takeoff, but over the course of the trip, an opposing force could have pulled a quick power move and shut down parts of the city. For instance, if Islamic extremism takes a foothold in Riyadh, where your VIP is about to land, the ground could be full of political storms. A smart travel safety app can alert your VIP and corporate headquarters of the current situation on the ground. FoneTrac’s travel safety app works with iPhone and Android to ensure your overseas VIP has the current security report.

Sometimes bad weather is what could endanger the safety of your travelling employee. Typhoons and angry thunderstorms can easily affect business travel plans. Unexpected stopovers or unsecure emergency transportation in a country like India can be a safety threat. A resourceful travel safety app can help guide your executive to a comfortable refuge where they can wait out the storm. Once a reliable route is confirmed, the travel safety app can help lead the VIP to a safe form of transportation so they can move on to business as usual. Rainclouds can become a problem for any executive flying overseas on business. If dark clouds turn into a thunderstorm in the air, or political unrest on the ground, FoneTrac’s travel safety app can help guide your VIP back to clear skies.

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