Every business has a philosophy that guides them to the path of success. Sometimes, this philosophy can turn into a devotional belief going overboard and ending up excluding the larger community. For instance, company leaders could decide to create an employee travel security device that specifically supports an Apple platform. iOS travel safety appFocusing on one platform may seem like a noble pursuit for perfection, but it’s pretty limiting for a business. We prefer to take the agnostic approach to our employee travel security devices by staying open to various platforms. Our FoneTrac employee travel safety app device will work with iPhone or Android, allowing a wider range of support.

While the term “agnostic” may include being open minded about what’s possible, it’s mainly about using evidence as a basis for a belief. Not relying on what you can’t see unless it’s been scientifically proven to exist. For instance, when an employee is out of sight and overseas, do they still exist? Of course! But what about their security, if it isn’t seen, is it still reliable? That depends on who you rely on. You can’t just believe that an employee travel safety app works, there must be proof to know it works. Some security services will say they have a reliable travel security device that can support your employee anywhere in the world. Yet they have not invested in the detailed back-end development it takes for that claim. We have the proof to back our statements.

FoneTrac Employee Travel Safety App has Agnostic Tendencies

Before allowing a VIP to take an employee travel safety app with them, it’s important to do the research first. Investigate how the app will alert a VIP if a security threat is nearby. For instance, when your employee has taken a trip to visit a distribution center in India, can their location be tracked regularly? Reviewing the features on the FoneTrac employee travel safety app shows proof that you can.

There are other important features an HR manager may not “see” but can trust will show up when needed. Such as a 24/7 live person to speak to anytime the VIP needs help. FoneTrac’s call service includes emergency evacuation support, or even non-emergency translation services. The work put into FoneTrac’s employee travel safety devices are more of a science than a belief system. We understand that faith alone is not going to keep a travelling executive safe when they need help. We also don’t choose to worship on the alter of either Android or iPhone exclusively, we accept both! Taking the agnostic approach to our FoneTrac employee travel safety app offers support to the wider business community. Maybe you don’t always see all the features our travel safety app delivers, but they show up when you need them.

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