Last year made traveling much more difficult, but studies suggest that travel spending is anticipated to be high this summer and people are excited to get back to “normal.” And with that, whether for pleasure or business, comes the necessity of upfront planning. One tool to help with personal security on the go is a travel safety app for iOS such as FoneTrac. Continue reading

IMG GlobalSecur is often asked for advice on dealing with travel security risks and emergencies that travelers may encounter during their overseas travels. Many questions focus on the “response” aspect of a particular situation -“If I am attacked, what do I do?”, rather than the steps necessary to avoid a threatening encounter. This approach focuses on what to do during a mugging or attempted rape, armed carjacking, or an attempt to kill or kidnap. This approach is reactive rather than proactive. Our experts believe that a travel security app such as FoneTrac can be a valuable proactive step towards safe travels. Continue reading

Your hotel stay is a big part of the overall travel experience. And the concierge can help you with valuable “keys to the city,” says Craig Carter, Vice-President of Strategic Development, K’Alma Spa Concepts & Management. Carter, who has experience traveling around the world, recommends business and personal travelers to “Make your hotel your home […]

Sometimes simplicity is the best way to manage more complex concerns about personal safety. The FoneTrac travel safety app is one option that can help female travelers while traveling alone. Continue reading

Because we support both Apple and Android with our travel security app, we are rather agnostic as to the platform. However, we received a lot of inquiries and hits to this website, in one of the more humorous things that we have seen is the number of people who are Googling “Where is security on the iPhone?” Now, this blog, is not about that question directly. You’ll have to consult your owner’s manual to learn where security is located on any of the Apple products. Continue reading

The iPhone is a wonder to behold, no one can deny that. The device packs the billions of transistors needed to operate a portable computer into a slim hand-held device that seems so natural slipping into a high-end Louis Vuitton handbag. And yet… The handbag could be fake. Would that matter to anyone? (except the […]