Last year made traveling much more difficult, but studies suggest that travel spending is anticipated to be high this summer and people are excited to get back to “normal.” And with that, whether for pleasure or business, comes the necessity of upfront planning. One tool to help with personal security on the go is a travel safety app for iOS such as FoneTrac.

Safety takes planning & organization before you leave home

Enhance your traveling security with our FoneTrac travel safety app for iOSAmong the usual considerations – the choice of destination, the method of travel, researching where to stay, what to do – keeping safe and healthy are as vital as they ever have been. Safety, security, and well-being are important enough not to be overlooked and need forethought both before and during your trip.

From a security perspective, as always, the objective is to stay out of harm’s way. However, several common-sense actions are needed to achieve this goal. One primary need is for advance awareness of potential risks at your destination. Sometimes (albeit rarely), the risk might be excessive. These risks may permeate the entire destination country or lie somewhere within its borders and you may deem travel there inadvisable unless security is given additional focus.

With this in mind, a few basic actions on behalf of your family or corporate team can reduce risk to an acceptable level. Even so, it’s best to understand that risk cannot be eliminated, but instead only reduced to manageable proportions. Being proactive is the key. Therefore “visualizing” possible dangerous scenarios and preparing an appropriate reaction on your / your company’s behalf is equally important. Your continued safety may depend on your pre-considered response to the situation.

In most cases, a few common-sense measures will be helpful, e.g., knowing where to stay and what to do and where not to go. Knowledge of the location and prevalence of crime may be adequate to make safe choices. Even so, your safety (or the safety of your employees) largely rests on your shoulders. A general lack of awareness or knowledge of the surroundings you or your team is destined to presents a significant vulnerability and an opportunity for others to exploit this weakness. Unfortunately, awareness does not come naturally but requires practice to become second nature.

One crucial step is to make sure that others know where you are and that you are safe. Not knowing your exact location or requiring emergency assistance will likely delay the needed response. Enter our patented FoneTrac travel safety app for iOS and Android phones. After five years of use by employees, NGOs, students, and individual travelers, FoneTrac continues to offer a simple enhancement to travel security that has proven its worth many times over.

Looking for a simple way to get help in a travel emergency? Turn to our FoneTrac Travel Safety App for iOS

If you’re looking for a travel safety app for iOS or Android, look no further than FoneTrac. Our app is designed for personal or business travel and provides you with instant access to a 24/7 team of security experts. With FoneTrac, you can check-in or send panic alerts at the touch of a button…anywhere in the world. We have decades of experience in the security industry and partner with UnitedHealthcare Global to provide our clients with top-notch service. FoneTrac is the ideal business travel security app, travel security app and iPhone / Android companion for your travel needs. Subscribe today!

We look forward to hearing from you and sharing more information about our app as well as our comprehensive worldwide support services. If you want to receive information about FoneTrac, or would like a personalized briefing on executive or personal travel security, please contact us. Your briefing with us will be available without charge.

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