Because we support both Apple and Android with our travel security app, we are rather agnostic as to the platform. However, we received a lot of inquiries and hits to this website, in one of the more humorous things that we have seen is the number of people who are Googling “Where is security on the iPhone?” Now, this blog, is not about that question directly. You’ll have to consult your owner’s manual to learn where security is located on any of the Apple products.

Our travel security app, in contrast, is not about the iPhone security itself, but rather about something much more important: the security of the owner. Now, if you will indulge us, let’s be more philosophical about this question and discuss our iPhone travel security app in this circuitous route.

Security for the iPhone or Security for You, The User?

Here is the reality. Every day, millions of people in the United States, and no doubt throughout Western Europe and around the world are befuddled when they look for the security on their iPhone. Even though the iPhone is famous for its user-friendly nature, the fact that this is one of the most common Google searches speaks to the difficulty of finding security on the iPhone. People become so frustrated that they actually go to Google to look for the answer.Security on the iPhone

What this means is that a process that might take just a few seconds if you know exactly where to look, it may take minutes or more if you do not. Now, to be philosophical, imagine that you are an executive or employee and you have been sent from the United States on a corporate assignment to Germany, Brazil, Mexico, or Saudi Arabia. You experience an emergency, it could be something as mundane as a very serious bout of the flu or something as stressful as being mugged on the subway. It might be a small but significant terrorist attack. Who knows?

Speed and Preparations for Employee Security Abroad

However, speed is of the essence. If you are experiencing, for example, a travel emergency, you don’t have the time to Google or research the issues if there is a terrorist attack, God forbid, in the country that you are visiting. Those minutes or seconds could be your undoing!

So, comparing the difficulty of even finding the simple but important security feature on the iPhone to the complex but life-threatening importance of where is security in a foreign country shows us just how important this aspect of security is. What you do not want to do is to only think about security when it is a crisis, or when it is to late. Ironically, people are often hunting for it at the level of their phone, but forgetting to hunt for it at the level of their personal safety.\

Employer? Administrator? Reach out to Us for a Security Demo

If you are an employer or the administrator of overseas travel of executives and other employees, it is of paramount importance to pre-think how the cell phone technology can be used for security purposes. By pre-installing the app, that is by requiring employees to install it before they depart, you will help your employees to be prepared. The app can do simple tasks such as alerting the home office about the employee each day, or pushing out notices about terrorism or other threatened security problems in the country.

Finding security on the iPhone is relatively easy. Making sure that your employees are safe abroad is not so easy, but our travel security at leverages the phone to make that easier than ever.

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