IMG GlobalSecur is often asked for advice on dealing with travel security risks and emergencies that travelers may encounter during their overseas travels. Many questions focus on the “response” aspect of a particular situation -“If I am attacked, what do I do?”, rather than the steps necessary to avoid a threatening encounter. This approach focuses on what to do during a mugging or attempted rape, armed carjacking, or an attempt to kill or kidnap. This approach is reactive rather than proactive. Our experts believe that a travel security app such as FoneTrac can be a valuable proactive step towards safe travels.

Although some highly trained professionals can respond effectively to dangerous personal confrontations or life-threatening situations, most people cannot. It’s worth noting that even those highly trained, as a priority, prefer not to confront a situation directly unless it’s under their terms with no surprises. Therefore, the response takes place under controlled circumstances and the risks are reduced to the extent possible.

Principles of Personal Protection

Want to Increase Personal Protection? Get a Travel Security App when TravelingThe Principles of Personal Protection are essential guidelines for safe travel. These include having access to relevant threat-related information, knowing about the measures necessary to deflect a threat, acting consistently to minimize the risk, avoiding taking on anyone else’s risk, and more.

Although it’s glamorized in the movies, a focus on response measures or (in military terms) “Action at the Scene” is the least preferable scenario. In reality, reactive measures are dangerous and could result in serious injury or worse.

Unfortunately, proactive measures are usually routine, unglamorous, and require forethought and planning. More importantly, they have to be applied consistently. But doing so will always reduce risks for the traveler. This is best in the long-run, of course! After all, your safety and the safety of your loved ones is of paramount importance.

The CDC website lists a variety of steps you can take for healthy travel. In addition, to obtain more information about the Principles of Personal Protection, please contact us. Or, if you’re interested in learning more about FoneTrac, read our FAQ here.

FoneTrac Travel Security App for Proactive Personal Protection

If you’re looking for a travel security app for personal or business travel, look no further than FoneTrac. Our app provides you with instant access to a 24/7 team of security experts. With FoneTrac, you can check-in or send panic alerts at the touch of a button…anywhere in the world. We have decades of experience in the security industry and partner with UnitedHealthcare Global to provide our clients with top-notch service. FoneTrac is the ideal business travel security app, travel security app and iPhone / Android companion for your travel needs. Contact us or subscribe today!

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