The iPhone is a wonder to behold, no one can deny that. The device packs the billions of transistors needed to operate a portable computer into a slim hand-held device that seems so natural slipping into a high-end Louis Vuitton handbag. And yet… The handbag could be fake. Would that matter to anyone? (except the people at Vuitton, who missed the benefit of a sale). The answer of course is “No, not really.” As long at the bag holds stuff, it’s just a bag, albeit decorative. Would the same hold true if we posit that the phone was fake, not a real piece of Apple hardware, but an Asian knock-off? Emphatically not! We all count on Apple not only to produce a phone that looks good, but one meets exacting standards of manufacture, and additionally comes with an ecosystem of applications that are vetted by Apple itself for integrity (being virus-free and malware-free).

iPhone Travel Security App: Form Over Function Over Form Over…

Our iPhone travel security app (FoneTrac) is something that you can count on to operate trouble-free; being there and working right the first time, when if/iPhone Travel Security Appwhen it is needed in an emergency. Function over form is the watchword; that the iPhone also looks good is just icing on the cake. What’s important is that the iPhone travel security app keeps a team cohesive and in communication without requiring much of any configuration, as it “just works.”

The Dispute Over iPhone Security is Something Else

Now, as we are writing this blog post, the world is a fire with a discussion about the trade-offs between the ability of the government to get into iPhones, and the need for privacy and security of one’s discussions on that phone, including the information that is on the phone itself. This speaks to the troublesome disambiguation necessary when one speaks about security and the iPhone.

This post is really about using the phone as a method to increase the security of the user M or herself. However however, the reality is that the two are somewhat interconnected. The fact that the Apple iPhone is one of the highest quality devices in the world, has made it nearly ubiquitous. Both business and student travelers highly preferred the device. By supporting this platform, we are not making a judgment about how the government should or should not be able to access the device. Rather, we are making a more practical determination about the importance of using the iPhone for travel security.

And just so that we are clear our apps supports both iPhone and Android platforms. When it comes to travel security – we want everyone to be secure!

To learn more about how the iPhone travel security app can help your organization, reach out to us and have one of our friendly staff explain more about the benefits.

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