You know how they say seeing is believing? Or, how when you want to purchase a new car, you drive out to the car lot, and go for a test drive? The same is true for apps, including travel security apps.

Now, here is another way to look at it. You get what you pay for. If you go into the Google play store, or the Apple iTunes store, there is a plethora of free apps. We are not putting down free apps, or the so-called freemium model in which there is a very basic app available for free, and a more robust app available at a charge.

International Travel Security: It’s Pretty SeriousTravel Security App

However, when you are dealing with international travel security, your very life is at stake. And, this is not an app that you really can test drive in any real sense. Let’s take a scenario. Suppose you are an employee of a multinational corporation, and you are walking down the street in Caracasm Venezuela. There is some type of scary incident, in which you feel that your personal security is very much threatened. Perhaps you get mugged, robbed, or have some type of altercation.

At that point in time do you really want to test drive your free personal travel security app? Or, do you as an employer, really want to lowball your expenditures at employee security, and recognize that your employees and their security is not worth some expenditure of money?

Of course not!

Our FoneTrac travel security app is much more than just a very basic travel security app that you might find for free on Google play or the iTunes store. Depending on your needs, it can be interfaced with a US-based multilingual 24 7 Emergency Response Center. This really means that the app itself is just the front end to a backend fully operational information service. Indeed, it can even put your employee in contact with on the ground security and travel emergency support.

To make it easy to test drive, you can request a demo. Simply fill out the form on our website, and we will be happy to let you test drive a travel security app that is much more powerful than what you can find for free on the Google play store or the Apple iTunes store.

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