Your study abroad student has signed the papers and made it official…next semester, they’re going to study in Norway! It’s going to be an exhilarating adventure (that’s also a little scary too). After all, living someplace far from home immersed in another culture for several months can be daunting. It’s not like just touring the area on a whirlwind vacation. Because of that, security is an important consideration…especially if you’re traveling to and from university on your own. That’s why you need to consider a travel safety app for students. Continue reading

Study abroad students can benefit greatly from the foreign exchange experience. They become immersed in the culture, listening to politics and eating foods specific to the location. During their free time, expat students can visit city museums and cafes to learn about the history and current “flavor” of the country. Continue reading

One of the more interesting usages for our travel security app is its usage in for study abroad programs. Many of the major universities and colleges in the United States offer what is often termed the “junior year abroad.” For students in nearly any discipline, ranging from literature to history to political science and even […]

Young people are generally a pretty optimistic lot, seeing opportunity and excitement given the prospect of foreign study or so-called ‘study abroad.; Exotic locales to visit, new foods to sample, famous monuments to serve as backdrops to selfies – all of these pique the interest of the young, and young at heart. Parents, on the […]

In an age of constant and instant communication, the idea of sending a family member to another continent where they could be out of touch for many weeks or months gives some people pause. In the old days, kids never wrote and never called; updated to now they never Facetime and never text. Continue reading