You’re an entrepreneur with a growing business. It’s exciting to have lots of orders, happy customers and a nice sum in the bank account. But life as a business owner is stressful too. And, if you’re responsible for the well-being and security of employees who travel around the country or globe for work reasons, the stress will be even more intense. Enter the FoneTrac app…a travel security app and employee travel itinerary template all in one. In this post, we’ll discuss the benefits of FoneTrac and IMG GlobalSecur for your workflow as a business owner or executive. Continue reading

Young people are generally a pretty optimistic lot, seeing opportunity and excitement given the prospect of foreign study or so-called ‘study abroad.; Exotic locales to visit, new foods to sample, famous monuments to serve as backdrops to selfies – all of these pique the interest of the young, and young at heart. Parents, on the […]