In an age of constant and instant communication, the idea of sending a family member to another continent where they could be out of touch for many weeks or months gives some people pause. In the old days, kids never wrote and never called; updated to now they never Facetime and never text. This is the scenario that study abroad brings up, and while most would support the educational value of immersion in a different culture they might appreciate having those concerns addressed through the use of a travel security app. It can be that little extra touch of added value for your study abroad program that convinces families to participate.

Travel Security App for Study Abroad Students: Lots of Value for Little Cost

The beauty of a smart-phone based travel security app is that it leverages any device the person already has (iPhone or Android, the app is platform agnostic). And if said person is under “a certain age” then you can 100% count on the fact that they will have their phone with them pretty much at all times. This way educational institutions can monitor the students via periodic check-ins, making sure that they are where they are supposed to be. Further, if events require it, alerts can be pushed to the students 24/7. And while some might gripe about the “nannying” going on if a travel security app is a mandatory installation, deep down most people will find it reassuring that someone is looking out for them.

Travel Security App for Study AbroadNow, if you are reading this and you are a university administrator, think of the value (and peace of mind) that a travel security app for study abroad students can bring to your university’s program. Your students might be all over – they might be in Spain, studying Spanish; in Germany, studying philosophy; in Russia, studying international relations; in China, studying communism and economic development; in Saudi Arabia studying the historical rise of Islam. They can be anywhere in the world. And when they are not studying, they can be traveling around those countries. Emergencies can, and will, happen. The can be something as “mundane” as appendicitis or as dramatic as an earthquake such as the recent tragedy in Nepal. Political problems are also endemic to many parts of the developing world, and you never know. That’s not to mention terrorism. As a university administrator in these Internet times, can you afford NOT to have a preferred travel security app for your study abroad students?

Explore a Travel Security App for University Students Abroad

Interested? If you think that such a travel security app might be useful to your organization’s study abroad program, or any similar overseas student event, call to us to arrange a demo today!

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