After Steve Jobs brought Apple Computers back from the brink of bankruptcy and made the Macintosh computer a viable alternative to the PC platform, people started asking “Which kind of computer should I buy?” since they now appeared to have a choice. To which the appropriate answer was always “Well, what software do you want to run?” Computers are first and foremost are tools for getting something done. So you had a choice between and Apple, and something else, some variety of PC. If your application was movie editing, you probably wanted an Apple machine. If business applications were needed, you probably would go for a PC. In those days, a travel security app made little sense. Computers were big, fixed in one spot, and the Internet was in a rudimentary state.

Travel Security App: Apple or Android, You Pick

Travel Security AppYears have passed, and times have changed, the Internet happened, and now the computer is no longer the central electronic device that people focus on. Portable computing is now all the rage, which is where FoneTrac® comes in. Since business travelers will undoubtedly have an iPad or phone along for the trip, and likely on their person at all times, a travel security app becomes a must-have method for handling any unexpected events. However thanks to Steve Jobs and the world-devouring iPhone he launched, some things remain the same. To wit, you have a choice between an Apple device and… something else, probably an Android device. Does this matter? Not to FoneTrac, you pick!

Platform Agnostic Travel Security App

Our FoneTrac® software is completely platform agnostic. The iPhone and android apps are functionally equivalent. It doesn’t matter to us, and it shouldn’t be something you have to bother about. We would no sooner tell a traveler which brand of rental car to pick, or which airline to fly, than tell them which phone to use. We understand that a phone is personal choice, and merely work to accommodate your needs.

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