One of the more interesting usages for our travel security app is its usage in for study abroad programs. Many of the major universities and colleges in the United States offer what is often termed the “junior year abroad.” For students in nearly any discipline, ranging from literature to history to political science and even to areas such as medicine or physics, it is a wonderful experience for a young person to travel abroad, and study in a foreign country. The popular destinations for study abroad can range from Russia to Germany, from Portugal to Nigeria, from Japan to China or Taiwan. The world has become a very small place, and all of our societies are more integrated than ever, and it is of course a good experience for a young person to learn how to view another country as well as how residents of other countries view the United States.

The Importance of Travel Security to Study Abroad Programs

Study Abroad SecurityHowever, security is also incredibly important in today’s society. Whether it is unfortunate terrorist attacks such as those we have seen in the United States, or those that have been seen recently in places such as France, terrorism is, and will remain, a real security risk. And then, let’s face it, students are not the most cautious people when they travel abroad! They may be prone to more accidental problems than a more mature traveler.

On the brighter side, however, young people are more digitally savvy than older people. Anyone under the age of 30 seems to have been born with a mobile phone attached to the ear or hip, and they seem to have been born as well with the ability to text with their thumbs. Young people love their mobile phones! All of this brings us to the beauty of our FoneTrac travel security ap. Many university administrators have seen the brilliance of using a travel security app for the students who are involved in a study abroad program.

The Beauty of a Travel Security App for Study Abroad Programs

Why? Well, first of all, a travel security app fits with the younger generations love of technology and their mobile phones. Even better, the travel security app makes it seamless for them to automatically check in with the home office, and let university administrators, and thereby their parents, know that they are safe and sound on a daily basis. By making this process one that is hassle-free, the app guarantees a higher compliance rate for this all important security check-in process. Second, from the perspective of university administrators and parents, security is a very important aspect of a study abroad program. By automating this feature, and by allowing such unique capabilities as the ability to push alerts out to a study abroad population, the app comforts the minds of university administrators and parents, who may be concerned about security for their students and children.

“Be prepared,” after all, is what they tell you when you go abroad. While young people may not think diligently about security, requiring the use of a travel security app for your study abroad program is not a big hassle for the students, and gives your program the added selling feature for parents and other administrative types that some serious thought has been given to the security issues of our incredibly small and yet incredibly dangerous planet.\

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