Every vendor understandably believes that their app is the best travel safety app. We are no different. However, in this blog post, we’d like to explain some of the features in the FoneTrac travel safety app that really make it stand out among the crowd. What we’d recommend you think about is what are your needs and how are your travel safety or travel security needs best matched to the appropriate app.

It’s not, of course, one size fits all. The trick to finding the best travel safety app is to, on the one hand, list your needs, and on the other hand, to list the features of the app that you are considering. Look for the best match!

Features of FoneTrac that Make It the Best Travel Safety App

Here are some of our features that we think are very exciting. First, we support both the iPhone and Android platforms. So, for your employee travel safety monitoring needs, we are agnostic. Your employees can use their own phones, whether they like the iPhone or the Android platform. Second, our app features interactive check-in’s. You can require that employees or even student travelers check in on a daily basis, and the Apple remind them to do so. The app works with the traveler, not against him.Travel Safety App

Third, and perhaps most importantly, our app is connected to our global monitoring services. Some of the cheaper apps simply alert friends and family that the person is having trouble. This isn’t very helpful when the friends and family are in Toledo, Ohio, and the employee traveler is in Madrid, Spain. Those friends and family aren’t exactly aware of what to do to contact travel emergency support staff or the police in Spain! Our service, in contrast, is backed up with real people, at a central command center, who have at their fingertips all of the emergency contact information for every country that we service. In addition, they are able to directly contact police, fire services etc in those countries. They work with the employee as a team to manage whatever crisis is occurring.

In addition, we send out alerts on potential troubles in various countries. So, one of the reasons we believe we are the best travel safety app out there is that we have both real-time monitoring and real-time alert or information capabilities.

Finally, we have panic alert capability. An employee who is in trouble, or is concerned, can literally send out a panic alert, and this will be connected back to the command centers.

Our Goals for Our App

Our goal is to use the app, not as an end in itself, but as a way to connect people to people. After all, it is people who help people during a safety problem not apps.

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