Parents throughout the United States are becoming “empty nesters” as their college age-children head off to study abroad. The responsibility of supervising these new college students now falls on the shoulders of university administrators everywhere. Travel Safety App for Study AbroadLike all young adults, study abroad students want to spread their wings and explore their new surroundings. That can mean going off campus after class is over and venturing into nearby neighborhoods, whether they’re a study abroad student in Barcelona or Bogota, Brisbane or Birmingham. In addition, young people like to travel, and might hop on a train or cheap flight from Paris to Zurich, or from Bogota to Caracas. Millennials are used to technology and sharing their lives 24/7 with their friends, but college administrators may still find keeping track of these students a difficult task. A travel safety app for study abroad students has the specific job of supporting student safety without hindering their freedom.

Although Millennials are technology-savvy, they are still building skills to navigate the real world. The benefits of world travel means students can learn about another culture first hand. Yet, what students have read on the Internet and what they experience in real life may not always match up. A travel safety app for study abroad students can help close the gap and ensure their location and security. Android and iPhone compatible, FoneTrac’s travel safety app can easily locate wayward college students and verify their security.

From Human Disasters to Natural Disasters; Travel Safety app for Study Abroad Students Helps College Administrators Stay in Touch

College administrators may do their best to prepare new students, but unforeseen accidents off-campus can occur in seconds. In countries like Japan, earthquakes are a frequent occurrence. Country officials may be prepared for this natural disaster, but if the warning sirens have gone off and a student is off-campus, it is vital college administrators locate them immediately. The Fonetrac Travel Safety app for study abroad students means college administrators can track students and locate a safety zone for them to move to. If a student is stranded somewhere after a devastating earthquake, the GlobalSecur backup that supports the app will quickly secure transportation and execute the pickup.

Part of being a young study abroad student is experiencing the local nightlife. Countries such as France and Italy are known for a vibrant party scene. Even when a student has used the “safety in numbers” philosophy, travelling with friends may not be enough to ensure their security. Friends can become separated in the thick of partying crowds, unintentionally abandoning a student. The opportunity for pickpockets increases once that student is alone. Even when their ID and money are swiped, the student can still safely navigate their way back to campus with the support of FoneTrac and GlobalSecur.

Students who study abroad are ready to immerse themselves into all a local culture has to offer. If the “experience” happens to unintentionally turn into a security risk, the FoneTrac safety app for travel abroad students can assist to get them back on campus safely. Both college administrators and parents can have peace of mind knowing student security is well-managed. If you are in charge of the security of study abroad students, feel free to contact us about the FoneTrac safety app which is both Android and iPhone compatible.

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