Retaining top talent in business is a key priority for any HR Director. Incentive packages that encourage talented executives to sign on can include perks for their family as well. Many companies allow traveling employees to take their family along on business trips within the U.S. or around the world.

Employee Travel Safety App

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While their executive is working, family members can go out and “see the sights” until everyone can meet up later. While a spouse and children are exploring, the company is responsible for their safety too. It’s vital that a travel safety app for employee safety and security follows the family as diligently as it does the executive.

Many busy executives bring their family along to combine work and vacation time. If the business trip takes them to Orlando Florida, it could be the perfect moment to take the kids to Harry Potter World at Universal Studios. Maybe the business trip flies everyone out of the U.S. and “across the pond” where families can explore Scottish castles and visit the Queen’s Guard. Wherever an employee lands, Human Resources Managers must ensure there is a travel safety app ready to support the spouse and children too.

FoneTrac’s Employee Travel Safety App Doesn’t Leave the Family Stranded

Globetrotting executives may be expected to go above and beyond while doing business overseas. That can mean long hours at conferences and corporate meetings. In return, the company must do its best to keep the employee’s family safe. If a spouse or children go along on the trip, they may get bored with the hotel pool and decide to venture out. When this happens, it is the company’s turn to go above and beyond by delivering a top travel security app. Whether it’s New York or Tokyo, a simple sightseeing trip can turn into an unforeseen accident. A speeding taxi driver could create a fender bender. Bad directions to a local landmark could have a spouse walking right into the “wrong part of town.” FoneTrac leverages the use of family member iPhones and Android devices to provide the global tracking security needed while their executive is occupied conducting business.

Most importantly, FoneTrac’s travel safety app for employees won’t leave the family stranded. Many employee travel safety applications begin and end with virtual support. If the family’s safety is threatened, tracking the location is not enough to assure their security. On-the-ground support is vital and FoneTrac used with GlobalSecur is ready for action. Security professionals in the area will be contacted immediately, arrive at the scene, and transport the family back to safety. Features including a panic button and translation service all add up to a comprehensive travel safety app for employees and their families. Human Resources Directors responsible for travelling employees with family are welcome to contact us for more details.

Photo credit: TheGiantVermin via / CC BY-NC-ND

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