“Talent Management” is a buzzword in the world of HR. It starts with finding the best candidate for a position, then developing their skills. If the hiring process is successful, candidates grow into respected colleagues who can be trusted to always perform at their highest level. travel safety appEventually, the “talent” requires very little “management” because a first-rate employee doesn’t need micro-managing. When HR looks for the best travel safety app to support this talented employee, the term “best” may take on a different meaning. Budget-wise HR Directors may be confused about how to choose the best travel safety app. Finding a quality security app at a cheap price may be the first strategy, but is it possible? Can an HR manager get the right combination of tech and support? That’s why it’s important to define what the word “best” really means when choosing a security app for travelling employees. To some, it can mean the cheapest price. To others it can mean the best quality. Many confuse the two and think it naturally means both, but that’s not always the case.

The Best Travel Safety App Performs Like a Rock Star Employee

When looking at any tech device, many times people will focus on what they can see or use it for. Is it user friendly? Does it have all the links and special attachments? Is it compatible to other devices? That’s about it. In order to find the best travel security app, however, managers must go deeper. This is why the process is less like purchasing a computer and more like hiring a star employee. Does the cheapest mean best? Of course not. Savvy HR managers don’t hire the candidate who is willing to do the work for the lowest salary. Instead, hiring managers look at traits like experience and skill set (data). They also want the candidate to play well with others (compatibility). Over and above style and training is performance. An employee, like the best travel security app, must be ready to act professionally in any situation. That’s the similarity. Here are some examples, built on the synergy between FoneTrac (the “app”) and GlobalSecur (the “backend”) –

  • Quick to Respond: If the company needs the employee to hop on a plane to Brussels overnight, FoneTrac’s travel safety app is ready to monitor their itinerary and confirm a safe arrival to the hotel.
  • Flexibility: FoneTrac has access to world-wide language translators ready to help with smooth communication during any emergency the employee encounters.
  • Strategic Planning: If there is a political upheaval near the VIP’s hotel, FoneTrac will monitor the situation. If the situation become dangerous, a security team will alert the employee and immediately get them to safety.
  • Performing after Business Hours: FoneTrac and GlobalSecur offer on-the-ground security support and transportation 24/7.

When evaluating the best travel safety app, it’s key to review the quality of tech and real time support. FoneTrac has great style, navigation and tech. It also has an expert security team ready to work whenever required. Smart HR managers want an employee who is there to take action when everyone else has left for the weekend. FoneTrac is just like a rock star employee; ready to bring its best at all times. If you are an HR manager searching for the best travel safety app, to help manage the safety of your talented employees, feel free to contact us for a demo of this incredible travel safety app for your employees!

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