For many of us, summer is officially over after the Labor Day weekend and it’s time to focus on work again. The amount of travel for employees and students increases dramatically after the popular three-day weekend.

Travel Safety App

Getting back to school and business means employers and college administrators are back at the task of security. Both traveling students and executives probably feel the same way about a travel safety app; they want to be free to move about without a constant reminder of being “watched.” That means University administrators and employers require a trustworthy travel safety app that can transparently support their security needs.

The important thing to remember is that “transparent” security shouldn’t be “passive.” Solid on-line security such as daily check-ins and global tracking systems are a good start but it can’t end there. When an employee or student is in trouble they need their travel safety app to morph from unseen into a real security team ready for action. The FoneTrac’s Android/iPhone compatible travel safety app has the resources on-line and on-the-ground to assist when the moment arises.

From one Country to the Next, FoneTrac’s Travel Safety App Gets the Signal

International security can look different to each client. For university administrators located in one country, the task of monitoring expat students off-campus can be akin to herding cats. If a city-wide disaster takes place, such as a bombing or terrorist threat, a push notification can be sent directly to the student’s iPhone or Android. They will receive details where to go and university administrators can stay in touch until safety is confirmed. If on-the-ground security forces are needed to assist students in danger, they are deployed immediately.

HR managers, may need a travel safety app that can move about several countries in a matter of hours. An executive at a morning conference in India may then hop on a plane to attend a dinner meeting in Saudi Arabia. The threat to a travelling employee can switch from a natural disaster, like a typhoon, to political unrest and kidnappings. FoneTrac’s travel safety app will send push notifications to executives before they land in the next airport. New security threats are monitored 24/7 as multi-lingual emergency response centers stay in contact with ground security. Executives will see professional security staff waiting for them if that is the best way to ensure safety.

FoneTrac’s travel safety app transparently monitors employees and students until the risk requires more. Ground support steps into action when the security risk requires it. If you are an HR manager or university administrator searching for an Android and iPhone compatible travel safety app, feel free to contact us.

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