Face it, most people are addicted to their phones. Even during business hours there is usually some down time to check social media, randomly review videos or play a quick game. There’s no use denying it, because everyone does it and HR knows it.

Travel Safety App for Android

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VIP’s may use their Android phone to pass the time in an airport or while waiting for a CEO to arrive to an executive meeting. No matter how employees squeeze in a little fun between works hours, there is no doubt they know the difference between work and play. We do too.

We know that our FoneTrac travel safety app can be used for all kinds of things other than emergencies. Maybe your VIP has a quick security question “just in case” and they would like to speak to an expert? The FoneTrac non-emergency feature is just a phone call away from professional advice. Maybe a travelling executive wants to know what reliable pharmacies are closest to their Hong Kong hotel if they need a prescription refill? Our expert advisers can offer information on that too. They are probably also used to pressing the automatic check-in feature when arriving to their destination. We don’t mind if an employee wants to play around with our travel safety app on their Android phone. It’s a great way to learn about all of FoneTrac’s helpful features.

Play Hard and Work Hard: our FoneTrac Travel Safety App for Android Gets Back in the Game

If a real-time security problem happens overseas, it’s easy to switch from stock tips to the panic button. We know an average overseas business trip can turn dangerous at any moment. If your VIP has run into bad weather in Taiwan, the FoneTrac travel safety app will quickly share disaster information. Immediate access to details about an earthquake or other natural disaster can be happen in a flash. Even when the main office back in the states has closed for the night, FoneTrac’s travel safety app for Android covers the off-hours.

HR managers can rest a little easier knowing we will support their VIP’s during work and play hours. If a travelling employee is checking out the latest stock tips, or streaming this year’s best Super Bowl commercials, it’s all good. You know they will turn off the fun when it’s time to get down to business. It’s also important to know that our FoneTrac travel safety app for Android will be ready to help if an emergency arises. And if things go smoothly for your VIP during their overseas business trip? At least you know they can call us anytime with those “just in case” questions!

Photo credit: Foter.com / CC0

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