The balance between risk and reward can become a tightrope for many international businesses. The risk of opening up a new manufacturing plant in a country with lax law enforcement can result in either big rewards or big trouble. travel security appCountry leaders may be very excited to have a solid American business setting down roots with them. They might promise cheaper manufacturing costs, but they can’t promise the security and safety of foreign employees on their soil. In order to do business overseas, a corporation may have to invest in another thing; upgrade security measures for valuable VIP’s visiting the location.

Countries with emerging markets may have made efforts to curb crime in order to attract new foreign businesses to their shores. Certain parts of a country could be turning around too. Yet criminals also consider themselves “high-risk” business investors. When they see an opportunity to get in on the “big money” they will take their chances too. Top-notch valuable company executives can mean large payouts in ransom fees. That’s why it’s imperative high-level employees carry a top travel security app for executives.

Travel Security App for Executives Protects the Most Valuable Company Asset

Latin America is an area known for emerging business markets. Foreign companies have been accessing the risk and see a great deal of reward. Organized crime in South America has benefitted from its own emerging market; executive kidnapping. We want HR to know, the first key to a successful business trip in countries like Brazil and Venezuela is awareness. FoneTrac’s top travel security app for executives keeps VIP’s aware of their own safety when moving about on business. A strict pre-planned itinerary with check-in alerts along the way can confirm the VIP is where they are supposed to be. If they go anywhere off the planned route, Fontrac’s security app can immediately locate them and confirm their safety.

In South America, from the moment a traveling VIP walks out of business class, they could be a target. Savvy kidnappers make sure airports and hotels have eyes everywhere searching for an easy catch. Without a solid plan to move about the country, VIP’s become vulnerable to classic kidnapping maneuvers. For instance unlike New York, hailing a cab right out of the airport could place in them directly in the seat of a criminal accomplice. Taxi drivers and other service people frequently work with teams to pull off an executive abduction. GlobalSecur teamed up with FoneTrac can help a prized employee avoid those risks. A GlobalSecur expert can recommend reliable executive transportation while FoneTrac continues to ensure

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