Today’s marketing machine puts a lot of work into making people think they are getting something just as special on the inside as it looks on the outside. “Image” or “branding” are the buzzwords words used to sell a shiny new item. How do those stylish new running shoes improve you “image” while jogging through the park? Is the brand on-trend enough to speak to a certain demographic? It seems a lot of money is spent selling style and ignoring substance. That may be fine for a the handbag of the season, but a product serving a deeper purpose must perform when it’s time. That’s why a travel safety app has to be brilliant inside and safety app for businesses

If you go on Google Play or the Apple Store, there are several types of travel safety apps for businesses. Many have a great “look” with fancy buttons and pretty maps. Some offer crime reports for several countries around the world. Others give frequent flight security updates and wait times (sorry, no annoyance meter included). All the maps and graphs and safety features look good, but how do they manage an employee’s overseas security issue? And does any of the helpful information directly pertain to them? Knowing about crime in a bad neighborhood in Brazil does not help a VIP who is nowhere near the location. Buzzing for assistance to be put on hold and connected to a clueless support person will not work either.

FoneTrac’s Travel Safety App for Business is the Whole Package

In Texas there’s a saying “all hat, no cattle.” In Europe it’s “all mouth, no trousers.’ We prefer “all icing, no cake.” You get the idea. Plenty of products offer big talk but lack real substance. HR directors can be bombarded by vendors offering cool new technology. When they dig deeper, a lack of real follow-through can be revealed. The FoneTrac travel safety app for business offers real depth and understanding. Not only does it have user-friendly app screens with easy to locate buttons, but it responds to an employee’s individual security needs. If there is a crime wave in Venezuela, not only will the VIP be notified, but they can see the exact proximity of danger to their location. If they need an emergency evacuation, FoneTrac teams up with GlobalSecur and provides a secure way out of the area.

Overseas employee security is serious business. An HR manager can’t send a VIP overseas with a “pretty” travel safety app that doesn’t perform. FoneTrac combined with GlobalSecur offers overseas security technology and support based on the exact location of the employee. Instead of ineffectual data, cutting-edge security technology and a professional security team is ready to support. That’s the real beauty of the FoneTrac travel safety app for business, and the icing on the cake.

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