We are pleased to announce several upgrades to our patented FoneTrac® Travel Safety App. FoneTrac Travel Safety AppThese upgrades were made, in part, in response to client requests and we continue to encourage feedback from our clients to make FoneTrac even more useful.

To download a PDF datasheet of the upgrades, click here.

. Listed below is a brief summary of the upgrades and we encourage you to share these with your travelers who use FoneTrac.

In January 2017, we completed an upgrade of the source code of FoneTrac. This upgrade to version R4 was necessary to allow better compatibility with the latest operating systems on iPhone, Android, and Blackberry smartphones, along with various laptop, notepads and tablets.

Hyperlinked Email Address

There is now a hyper-linked email address on the Sign In page of the app that can be used to contact FoneTrac for assistance. To activate this link, simply press down on it and the phone’s email client will be activated. This feature will be very useful for people who are having trouble Signing In to FoneTrac.

Telephone Assistance Icon

The Telephone Assistance icon has been updated to allow for the use of an organization-specific telephone number for Security Assistance. This feature can be accessed by pressing the telephone icon on the upper right corner of the app. The purpose of this feature is to provide users with telephone numbers for Non-Emergency Assistance. If your organization has a 24/7 staffed Command Center, you may wish to use that telephone number for this feature. Also on the Telephone Assistance feature, there is a Customer Support tab that when pressed will activate the phone’s email client and allow users to send questions to FoneTrac for assistance. Again, this email address can be customized for your organization if you have a specific email address you would rather have them contact. Users can also update their profiles to now include an email address of their choice to receive Check-In emails for that specific user. This allows users to enter the email address of their choosing such as a spouse or supervisor. These emails are in addition to the regular Check-In emails that can be set up for each organization.

Panic Alert

When a Panic Alert is activated by a user, the FoneTrac app will now continue to Check-In every minute as long as the app is open. If the app is closed, the Check-Ins will stop but will resume again if the app is opened. To terminate these Check-Ins, the user must Sign Out of FoneTrac. The purpose of this feature is to provide better location assistance if a Panic Alert is activated while the user is moving.

Activate These Features

To activate these features, users will need to “refresh” the app. The easiest way to do this is to Sign Out of FoneTrac and then Sign In. If you would like to discuss these features or provide customized information for your organization, please let us know.

Note on Patent Approval

On November 8, 2016, the United States Patent and Trademark Office issued a patent for FoneTrac (Patent Number 9,491,580).

Published On: May 16th, 2017Categories: Travel Security

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