You’ve probably heard the old saying that things can come in three. If an executive is travelling overseas on business, problems can happen to remind them of this. Not necessarily great things either, just roadblock scenarios that normally affect a business trip abroad. supply chain securityFor instance, a bad WiFi connection at an India hotel ensuring all important emails arrive after business hours in the states. Or the simple miscommunication with a cab driver leaving an executive ten miles in the opposite direction of an important business meeting.  To top things off, that upset stomach that keeps a VIP up at 3am? The culprit could have been that cute little café down the street recommended by a local. These are not happy examples, but common experiences businesses traveler’s deal with from time to time.

Planning ahead before traveling abroad on business can help avoid common misfortunes. Researching hotels that offer reliable Internet or reviewing the best type of local transportation so a VIP makes safer choices. Sometimes accidents can’t be avoided and the goal is to make sure things don’t get worse. If a mishap turns into an emergency, relying on a top travel security expert paired with FoneTrac’s travel safety app may be the next step.

FoneTrac Travel Safety App and an IMG Travel Security Expert can Change the Direction of a Bad Day Overseas

It’s important to remember that good fortune can come in threes too. We aren’t talking about a superstitious mantra, but real professional support. Before an important VIP flies overseas on the next business trip, HR can them off with a team and security tools that turn a bad situation around quickly. That’s FoneTrac, GlobalSecur and IMG. Here are three specific features each one offers;

1. The FoneTrac travel security app will help track where the VIP is at all times
a. If the cab has taken a wrong turn, the employee will know and tell the driver before moving too far from safety.
b. If a terror attack occurs near the hotel, a quick alert shows the employee the exact location and what their personal risk is.
c. Disaster reports help the VIP keep a watchful eye on bad weather ahead.

2. The GlobalSecur team offers experts with real-time data when a VIP needs it most
a. When an employee uses the panic button on FoneTrac’s travel security app, contact with a security professional is made.
b. When disaster strikes, like an earthquake or typhoon, a quick call will offer the best escape routes to safety.
c. When companies are concerned about the whereabouts of their employees overseas, they can take a look at the world map in their dashboard to see where employees last checked in on the app.

3. IMG travel security experts will evaluate threats before the next trip
a. A consult with company IT teams can find weaknesses in the company network before hackers pilfer corporate emails.
b. IMG can review overseas conference locations and offer a personal security plan for attending VIP’s.
c. Secure transportation services can be reviewed and confirmed before the executive steps inside a car.

The best news is all the above is shared with HR back in the states to ensure everyone is aware. You can’t always predict how a business trip will go, but you can prepare. FoneTrac’s travel safety app paired with GlobalSecur and IMG can turn a bad day around with three times the travel security experts. Now, of course, the above are “scenarios,” and real results may vary. Reach out to one of us for a demo and consultation on how FoneTrac can really help you and your employees overseas.

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