International travelers, both business and pleasure, often wonder what are the best international travel apps? Many might be thinking, for example, that they might bring a travel app that would help them find interesting museums, restaurants, and local things to do.

Best Travel Security App

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That’s certainly a great idea for a travel app, and there are many such apps available in the Apple App Store or Google play. Another common idea for one of the best international travel apps is an app that can help you translate from your native language to the language of the country you are visiting. Of course there is Google Translate, but again, there are many wonderful apps that are more specialized that can translate for you, and assist as you travel across a continent such as Europe that has many countries speaking many different languages.

Another split in this concept of identifying the best international travel app is to think about what type of travel you are doing. A tourist or pleasure traveler has very different needs from a frequent business or commercial traveler. The business traveler, for example, might want apps that help him or her identify nearby Wi-Fi outlets, so that he or she can stay in constant contact with the home office. Or, a frequent business traveler, might want an app that can assist with jet lag. A tourist, may be more interested in apps that identify fun things to do such as restaurants, bars or clubs. Or, there again, a business traveler might want an app that can assist with the different customs and how they impact business interaction. It is a commonplace, for example, that the etiquette of business is quite different in Japan from that in Western countries.

Travel Safety: Our Nominee for Best International Travel App

These days, however, one thing that both business and pleasure travelers share in common is the need for a travel security app. Travel safety is of paramount importance in this day and age of, unfortunate, international terrorism, as well as pandemics that sweep the globe in a matter of weeks or months. An outstanding travel safety app should be nominated as one of the best international travel apps, whether for business travelers or for pleasure travelers. Among the important features is the ability to send out a panic alert, and if possible, to alert the local authorities. Our travel safety app not only does this but is also integrated with our GlobalSecur backend support system, so that real people are available to assist a traveler. This travel safety app has proved popular with both business travelers as well as pleasure travelers, especially students who are involved in study abroad programs.

In summary, if you are looking for the best international travel apps, we would modestly nominate the FoneTrac app as one of the apps that you should consider. After all, travel safety is arguably more important than having fun things to do or the ability to converse with members of the opposite sex in bars and restaurants!

Photo credit: Traveloscopy via / CC BY

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