Worldwide business is all about keeping ahead of the competition. No other industry seems to reflect this more than technology. New versions of tech are constantly released to give consumers the best and latest features. supply chain securityCompetition is fierce and the two most popular smartphone devices, Apple and Android, continue to battle and try to top each other in the worldwide marketplace. Lucky for FoneTrac clients, there is no reason to get caught between these two giants. Wherever your VIP travels, Fontrac’s travel safety app for iPhone also supports Android.

We know that some executives are extremely passionate about their smartphone tech. “Apple Groupies” will fawn over the smallest new feature an iOS releases. Android fans can also do the same. When it comes to employee travel security, both will have access to FoneTrac’s top applications. This includes our panic button and real time travel security information. At times of danger overseas, there is no reason to muddle over the difference between the iOS and Android security features. Both will serve a traveling VIP or study abroad student with the same support.

Stay out of the Crossfire with FoneTrac’s Travel Safety App for iPhone or Android

Kidnappings and attacks on VIP’s and students travelling abroad are real, yet, a far greater threat is being at the wrong place at the wrong time. Many countries today are on high alert for terrorist attacks on public places. An example is the recent concerns over possible attacks on the Louvre in Paris. FoneTrac’s travel safety app for iPhone and Android keeps study abroad students aware of their surroundings. If a new terrorist threat is on the horizon, an alert will go out. The same is true for an overseas executive travel security. A busy VIP could get stuck between the cross hairs of warring political parties. If revived political discourse emerges in Malaysia while your executive is doing business, Fontrac’s real time travel security system will send a heads up.

Let’s say a VIP or student did not get out of the way fast enough. Sometimes even with their best efforts, travelers can get caught in the middle of a fight overseas. At moments like that, a passionate Apple user doesn’t care about what smartphone they have, they just need help ASAP. The panic button feature offers real support 24/7 anywhere in the world. FoneTrac’s travel safety app for iPhone also manages important emergency features on Android. No matter where your world traveler is, or what tech they carry, travel security experts from Fonetrac are ready to respond. Travelling VIP’s and study abroad students alike can find peace knowing FoneTrac’s travel safety app for iPhone is for Android as well.

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