Introducing FoneTrac® for individual travelers. Security concerns may threaten your peace of mind when you travel. With FoneTrac®, you can get it back. FoneTrac is a simple, intuitive, and affordable smartphone app for frequent travelers, students studying abroad and others traveling in the U.S. or overseas.

Available for iPhone, Android or Blackberry, FoneTrac offers:

  • Families or retirees who travel in the U.S. or internationally
  • Global position locating with Panic Alert and Check-In functions you control to let family and friends know you are safe
  • Help and advice 24/7 from a U.S.-based Emergency Response Center
  • Students studying abroad or traveling overseas operated by real peopleTravel Safety App for Individuals
  • Anyone who travels anywhere
  • Alerts and updates delivered straight to your phone to help you in a dangerous situation or natural disaster

Proven Technology

FoneTrac is a patented technology developed for corporate clients by IMG GlobalSecur. Business travelers have used FoneTrac for years to plan for and respond to every possible crisis. Now, GlobalSecur’s proven service is available to individual travelers – including retirees and students.

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