Students travelling abroad learn experiencing a culture through a lesson plan is very different from experiencing it in real life. Students who have been taking German classes for several years in high school may feel pretty comfortable speaking certain phrases. travel security app for study abroad studentsMaybe the Friday pot lucks in class have exposed them to authentic German-style dishes…or so they believe. Have you ever eaten “Mexican food” in the states and then actually dined in Mexico? You get it. We tend to put our own “American Spin” on everything, including every day norms. So when a student studies abroad, no matter how prepared they feel, they can still experience culture shock.

For instance, there are unspoken “rules” in each country for average every day experiences. Things as simple as how to board a train or speak to a waiter can be very different somewhere else. If a student doesn’t follow the social norms it might make them appear rude or plain stupid, but it won’t be dangerous. Other times, physical harm can come to a student travelling abroad if they don’t understand what is expected of them. To make sure students are aware of their surroundings at all times, FoneTrac’s travel security app for students abroad is always a good move.

Class is in Session: Travel Security App for Students Abroad

For any student visiting another country, simply walking on the street can become a lesson in cultural norms. In Germany, locals take their bike lanes very seriously. Walking in a bike lane will get you a quick whistle and possible swipe from a bike rider as they zoom by. Absolutely no one is allowed to stand or walk in bike lanes. Sure, sometimes accidents happen. Many bike lanes are located directly next to public walkways. A study abroad student who is enjoying the view could wander into the bike lane completely unaware. Either way, the result could be a direct hit from a bike rider who doesn’t expect to look out for pedestrians. This is one reason why any visiting student should be mindful of their surroundings at every moment.

FoneTrac’s travel security app for students abroad may steer them away from a bike lane, but it can help them stick to safer routes wherever they wander. FoneTrac’s app can send push alerts to students if a dangerous situation has arisen nearby. Terrorist groups in areas such as Germany and Spain have started to use trucks to plow down pedestrians in general public areas. Markets and public squares are not immune to dangerous circumstances. If a threat is on the rise, FoneTrac sends an alert about the danger and directions to safer pathways far from danger can be found right on the app. If nervous parents want to check in on their study abroad student, they can use the FoneTrac monitoring system to confirm a location.

Learning about a culture first hand instead of in a textbook is considered a memorable and enriching experience for anyone. FoneTrac’s travel security app for students abroad helps ensure they stay in the safe lane.

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