Before You Go, Know the Risk

Whether for work or leisure, travel is one of the most exciting parts of life. Immersing oneself in places unknown can be both exhilarating and intimidating, but in the best of ways. International Travel Security Abroad

However, when preparing for these rewarding experiences, it is important that travelers familiarize themselves with the risks associated with each intended destination and align their preventive actions appropriately. Risk is inevitable and endemic in everything we do. Unfortunately, risk cannot be eliminated, but it can most certainly be minimized. One good way to minimize risk is a travel safety app.

To maximize safety, it is always important to fully understand the sources, situations and actions that could expose a traveler to unnecessary risk. Crime, terrorism, civil disturbance, acts of war, the possibility of an accident or other emergency, or travel to a remote or high-risk location will likely impact traveler safety. Our travel safety app is connected to GlobalSecur, an alert and monitoring service where real people are there to help, and we use best-in-class data sources for “push” notifications on new risks impacting travelers.

One central thing to keep in mind is that standards of care can vary significantly for those traveling overseas. The same type of care isn’t available in Saudi Arabia, Mexico, or Japan as you may be accustomed to in the United States. In the event of an emergency, it can be vital to know in advance the available services and facilities, as well as payment issues that could arise.

Having a plan, knowing the basics of awareness and personal protection, and understanding your surroundings are key to mitigating the risks associated with travel. Following on with this theme in our next blog post, we will delve further into the basic but necessary steps needed to protect ourselves, our associates, and our families when traveling.

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