When it comes to branding products cool is #1. But what’s cool? Depending to who you are marketing to, that can change quickly. For a hipster, cool is a stingy brim hat and a wooden bow tie. For a 7 year old girl, cool is a mermaid tail blanket. How popular a brand is can be in the eye of the beholder. travel safety app for iPHoneIf you’re in business, what’s cool among your executives can be personal. It could be a pair of Tom Ford custom glasses and a Swiss-made watch (James Bond cool). What about a Michael Kors laptop bag and Tahari business suit (Silicon Valley cool)? Whatever your VIP’s find to be fashionable, it’s up to you to make sure their travel safety app has both cool and substance.

One brand that continues to stay on trend is the iPhone. Each new version is cool and user-friendly. That’s why we have a travel safety app for iPhone. If your VIP believes Apple has the best tech to help them do business, you can send them overseas with the best employee travel security app right on it. Luckily, for other VIP’s who think Android is the coolest, the Fonetrac travel safety app for Android supports it also.

The Travel Safety App for iPhone Keeps it Cool for your VIP’s Traveling Abroad

What an executive wears overseas may be hip to them, but could also make them a target. If your VIP likes to wear their Cartier Ballon Bleu timepiece to meet with business partners in South America, the wrong people could notice. Organized crime rings target airports, hotels and other places visitors travel through. Spotters hang around the airports looking for employees just like yours: a cool executive sporting a bit of pricey bling. That’s when the FoneTrac travel safety app for iPhone can help get them to their destination safely. If secured transportation has not shown up, your VIP can reach out for support on the travel safety app.

Executives carrying high-end gear while traveling may not realize the threat to their safety. That’s why it’s essential they take the travel safety app for iPhone on their trip. Kidnapping of VIP’s are prevalent in countries like Mexico. Criminals disguise themselves as cab drivers in order to lure a cool looking VIP into their car. If your executive makes this mistake, they could be forced to pay their own ransom at an ATM, robbed and pushed out of the vehicle. If a VIP has landed without secure transportation to their hotel they can reach out to FoneTrac’s travel safety app for iPhone. A team of global security experts will ensure a safe and reliable source of transportation asap.

Trends come and go, but a high-quality product remains fashionable. FoneTrac’s travel safety app for iPhone will keep your VIP connected to the coolest employee security team around!

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